To Anyone Who Wants To Know If They Re Preggie

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babyonboard16 - February 19

Okay I have to say this again, because I'm finding this even more annoying now. There is no way for us to tell you if you are pregnant, and if you've had unprotected s_x, or are doing something you THINK could cause you to become pregnant, then take a test, we are not pregnancy tests, and this is a TEEN PREGNANCY board, not a am i pregnant board, maybe go to the pregnancy test part? Be mad if you want, but you're kinda being dumb asking too many damn questions.


Rhiannon - February 20

Well said babyonboard16.


xoxticiaxox - February 20

babyon board, I agree with you, but I think you could have said it a little bit better...the girls who think they may be pregnant just want advice, and opinions...not to be yelled at for curiosity...maybe they are scared to take the test and want some feed back need to bash them or anything!


AyameLovesXion - February 21

I AGREE. It's going overboard with the "omg am I pregnant" 8000 times!


Meagan18 - February 22

Thank you xoxticiaxox. I agree with you. I have been in that situation. We ask the question because we want to make sure that we aren't just scared and jumping to conclusions. We want to make sure that there really is a possibility before we go out and get the test. With me I actually took the test, it said negative, but I still have syptoms, so I came here for advice on what could be wrong. Some of the questions on here are ridiculous, but everyone is ent_tled to ask the questions they want the answers to - just like you come on here to do.


AbbiesMummyEm - February 23

you'll never stop it unfortunately :(


babyonboard16 - February 23

I know the fear but I searched pregnancy, and frankly, just wait til ur late then worry Im not trying to be a b___h, im just honest.


Meagan18 - February 24

I understand babyonboard16. I used to get on here before and I felt the same way. Especially with the people who get on here like 3 days after they had s_x. A lot of the questions are ridiculous, but then again so are teenagers lol. You're honesty is appreciated. I was just giving my point as well. I am late and do have signs, but the tests say negative, so I came on here for advice on if I could be pregnant or just stressed from thinking about it. That's all. I do get your point though.


babyonboard16 - February 25

Meagan that I can understand, it's just like the people who are like, I'm on the pill, and we used a condom, and hte condom didn't break, am I pregnant? That really get to me. Anyways have you called your doc, they could always do a blood test?


xoxticiaxox - February 25

Well babyonboard, those people dont bug me one bit. I was on the pill and took is regularly, and we always used a condom, and not once to my recolection do I remember one breaking...I still ended up pregnant! Yes the questions are ridiculous....but some people are just not very well educated...they come on here to ask there questions to mabe gain a little knownledge...not be ridiculed for asking a dumb questions!!! Sorry but I think this is being pretty insensitive...just dont read the posts if you dont like them...let them ask there questions in peace...


Courtney M.V. - February 25

Well.... you can tell you're a teenager...



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