To Becca

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tammy - February 9

I like your spelling. Don't apologize for it it gives you personality, and probably says alot about your life huh? Good luck with your pregnancy!!!!!!


LOL - February 9

And no one posts. LOLZ


becca - February 10

o thanx thats nice of you but clearly hilary and mommy2kylie have something stuck up there arse and clearly think there better thn me and others and to lol i dont want people to post so shut up u dumb a__s


Hilary - February 10

Im better than a lying piece of c___p, but not better than the girls with legit questions. I just dont like you, and that's my right, now you can whine and cry "they don't like me, big meanies" but get used to it. People are mean when you are a teen a pregnant.


becca - February 10

hilary that made me larf how can you say you dont like me when you dont know m or anything about me and what exactly have i lied about and the other day u didnt even think i was telling the truth about being pregnant i think your really sad and quite funny though why dont you run along bubie now


re: tammy - February 10

you are very self-rightous aren't you.?Actually normal nice people don't dislike someone just because they are a teen and pregnant. Afterall your pal mommy2kylie is still a teen and was obviously one when she was preg. Would you say that to her. Ladies lay off of Becca, she is young and no one seems to be supporting her and maybe she is a little angry but by the sounds of it I too would be a little angry if I had all she has to deal with. Try to support her she might just suprise you and I am sure she will turn out to be a very nice young lady. If you have it in you to do this then great, if not then I really do think you are the one who needs to grow - up.


re tammy -actually Hilary - February 10

I apologize tammy I meant to write the name Hilary. You have tried to give your support.Well maybe this will give them something to talk about and then they can focus on my and leave Becca alone. I can take it.


Mommy2Kylie - February 10

Im better then people who come on here and are rude to pregnant girls who weren't even speaking to them. The funny thing is, you then tried to pa__s it off like I was the one doing that. You're in denial. I have nothing stuck up my a__s, I just don't like people who say rude ignorant things to people to try and look cool on the internet. To Tammy, I was only rude to Becca, when she FIRST was rude to someone else and I was sticking up for that person just like you're doing for Becca, the thing is, BECCA was rude first, so back off if you don't know what you're talking about. I didn't see her apologize, I saw her say I needed to close my legs, which is very ignorant cause s_x can be done with legs closed. But thats beside the point, Im not in the wrong here, so I'd really appreciate it if people could stop acting like IM the one who started being mean to her first. You've not a clue whats going on.


Meanie - February 10

he stole my toy so now im gonna steal one of his to make it all equal and then ill maybe steal another one of his so i can get one over on him. i know im mature and he isnt cos i know that me calling him every name under the sun when he does makes me all better than him doesnt it


Riiight. - February 10

You're an idiot.


Meanie - February 10

and so are you for thinking it was serious.


re: mommy2kylie - February 10

How is it you have so much time on your hands, don't you have a child to take care of . So you have told us over and over and over again and we are very happy for you and wish you nothing but the best, but why are you on here so much. Shouldn 't you be doing something else. you to like Hilary can't let it go. Go read some of the posts in regards to you!!!


Anon - February 11

Mommy2Kylie, Why are you even letting this get to you? Didnt i read somewhere that you are like 19? Is it really all worth it to come on here and call people stupid b___hes, and egg it on so to speak? I dont know who started what, but the point here is you are supposed to ignore and continue giving advice to people. Not bash a 15 year old who is trying to get you all worked up. Do you see what i am saying? I am not taking up for anyone, but really the more you argue back wtih everyone the longer this is going to be. Just end it now.


Anon - February 11

Nvm I am a moron =/ I read that Hilary is 18. No where did it say how old you were. Sorry.


Actually - February 11

You should get your facts right mommy2kylie she isnt 12 . Before you open your mouth U get the facts right. And seriusloy pull your head down from the sky Its getting tiering with all your " i got this " " i got that " we dont really care. All poeple need is support and answers to ther questions.You seem to have it all so drop your act and help others.


re: mommy2kylie - February 11

I am alot older than you think and will support whom ever I choose to. And you have again shown your age (maturity) not one of my posts curse at you, do they? Grow up sweety and if this is what it takes you to get off of Becca's back than, that is what I will keep doing. A real woman would have accepted her appology especially considering the first comment was directed at someone else and not even you. Again let it go and leave her alone. Keep attacking me I can handle it. Sorry the words are so mature for you.


Mommy2Kylie - February 11

Are you people really this dense? Yes, I am 19. I was on one of these posts when Becca was beyond rude to a young pregnant girl, so I stuck up for her, just like people are doing for Becca. So is it only okay when you guys do it? Please don't presume to make judgements about me, and run your mouths about things you don't know. Thanks a lot. :) I've bashed no one, go back from the beginning if you really wanna "jump" on into this now. I thought it was done and over with, yet people keep posting to me, and then wondering why I post back? You people amaze me. Really.



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