To Clear Up One Of The Bitches Lies

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ashley_1991 - September 13

angelidiot says that she did NOt have an abortion OR a misscarriage so please tell me what happened to this fetus?? "Name: angelmonkey | Date: Jul 18th, 2008 7:19 AM [ Original Post ] oki so i,ve decided im guno go for a few weeks as the majority of you are sick on here! did you ever stop think and think db that maybe im lying because it MY personal life! something so trajic that happened that i didnt want to share with a moron like you! and plus you only got half the story! i really dont know anyone called johnny i was pregnnat by soemone called phil! i had allready left home when i found oyt! no i didnt have an abortion some thing horrible happened which is why im leaving this page as db is so sick that she has to drag it up! so have fun all squabbling with your selfs! "


angelmonkey - September 13

and that ashley you wont find out as its none of your buisness!


newbaby2009 - September 13

Caught in a lie and no response besides "its none of your business?" Haha.


ashley_1991 - September 13

go figure, - and angelidiot- i really dont wanna know what happened to your fetus(the unborn baby) you prolly adopted it out for crack, now that woul not surprise me, do yourself a favour and stop lying, you say oh ive never been pregnant b4 but yet you where with phil then you try to cover it up with never had an abortion or a misscarriage well i'm sorry we all you where pregnant with a different guy, you should be embarrased, your child is going to learn to lie at a very early age,


AddysMummy - September 13

Who cares she's just a whore lol


AddysMummy - September 13

But yeah, that does show she's a lyin' s___t lol. Hahaaa.


PreciousBaby19 - September 13

god your such a liar angel...finnaly your drug addicted ttc ways are out in the well as your ''pregnancy'' before this one...what happeaned to your child....did you give it up..or was it taken from you because you were so addicted to drugs. did social services give you a ring.


amanda17 - September 13

What happened to ignoring her? I honestly don't care if she's a drug addict, a liar, had a miscarriage/abortion/adoption/her child taken away, if she's a fat whore, if her partner is a freaky bird-creature, or whatever, because I really don't care about her. We should all just forget it, it's not like we know fact from fiction in her twisted lies so we shouldn't even bother. If she's pregnant right now then her kid is gonna be messed up, hopefully child services will step in, but if not none of us are going to convince her otherwise, and we can't do anything about it. So I say we stop wasting our energy on someone who clearly doesn't deserve it, and rid the forum of all this stupid drama. Let's all just focus on our children (born or unborn) and let Angel get bored and annoy someone else on some other site. Okie dokiessss?


AddysMummy - September 13

I'm done with it now that's fo' shur. I got my laughs and kicks out. I'm gonna bump up a few other posts with no drama... eeehe.


angelmonkey - September 13

um what lie exactly lmao! i never said i wasnt pregnant did i? i said i,ve never had an abortion or miscarigae! dur theres a difference! sorry amanda ythere to immature to ignore me...lmao you guys are so funny with your your this and your that! prove it thats all i can say lol


angelmonkey - September 13



Teddyfinch - September 13

angel: i think the point is you've always tried to claim you're not a liar, yet you were pregnant at one point and you didn't abort, you didn't have it, and you didn't miscarry. so you're lying then about either having been pregnant or why you don't have it. this whole "i don't care about what anyone thinks" att_tude really is old.


mandy2008 - September 13

cant you girls do anything other than fight with each other?


angelmonkey - September 14

the thing is is can any of you proove it? if you remember correctly i never said anything about being being pregnant before when i first came here! db went snooping and so called found out all this info! i never lied about anything! in th eend i went along with it! (so i guess i lied about that bit) the truth is i have NEVER been pregnant before this pregnancy! you were all accusing me of lieing about not being pregnant so i thought fine i,ll shut them up andbecome a liar!..........the truth is your all the joke to me


Amanda19 - September 14

You make NO sense! Your an idiot! Why would you go along with something like that and lie about it? Lying again huh? Pitiful.


angelmonkey - September 14

you dumb a__s! can you not read! its not that to understand! well actually for some of you i supose it is! why are you asking a question that i answered huh?


unexpected320 - September 14

people PLEASE this is a pregnancy information site i atleast expected some kind of maturity from people in here please stop this fight and just go on with your life fighting in the internet is like competing in the special olympics.. even if you win your still retarted ok?



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