To Everyone That Thinks Abortion Is Ok

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that is a life - May 18

do you know what they do to that baby they ripe it in pieces how would you feel if someone riped you to pieces that baby has feeling just like you and me if you think it is ok go to this website and read and look and then tell me that this is ok


this is a life - May 18

Every woman has two questions, "Is it a baby?" and Does it hurt?" The abortionist must answer "NO." He/she must lie to secure the consent of the woman and the collection of the clinic's fee.


why - May 18

Former abortionist, David Brewer, M.D., says, "My heart got callous against the fact that I was a murderer, but that baby lying in a cold bowl educated me to what abortion really was."


why - May 18

Q. How did you dispose of an aborted baby? A. We put them down the garbage disposal. Some second and third trimester babies' muscle structure is so strong that the baby will not come apart, so they must be disposed of through trash receptacles.


abortion is murder!FACT! - May 18

im with you girls!


Daisy Jean - May 18

Why, There are quotes around what David Brewer said. Who said the second bit?


to daisy jean - May 18

i dont know go to and there is allot of info there


becca - May 18

that sight is DISGUSTING why would you look at that ur rank


because - May 18

that is what they do to those babys it is there to make people realize that abortion is not good


J - May 18

In most places an abortion is not permitted past the first trimester unless the pregnancy risks the mothers health. That website is not informational, it is pro life propaganda meant to scare people into not doing it. I feel that it is a last resort option but am so tired of people treating women that feel they had no other option like c___p. Before someone tells me there is never a good reason, you are wrong. You are just lucky enough to be in a situation that you dont have to take such a drastic measure.


a baby is a life - May 18

once that baby implants it is a life do you know how old a baby has to be to have a heart beat???? by the time you find out that you are pregnant that baby is alive and the is murder no matter what anyone says or does. If you dont want to get pregnant there are many many forms of birth control USE THEM. and if you dont there are other options


~kat~ - May 18

i totally agree with a baby is a life!


J - May 18

Birth control doesn't always work


Matt - May 18

Aborition is murder, I wish peple would get that through there heads.


to J - May 18

i dont know who you are but there are many many forms of birth control use a condom and sperimcide or foam there are many ways to not get pregnant so lets get pregnant and have an abortion and kill the baby cause i want to sleep with someone without thinking


J - May 18

Yes there are many forms of birth control and sometimes they dont work. I have children and I adore them and I personally would never have an abortion. I would never need to. I am not saying that abortion should be used as birth control. I am saying that sometimes it is the best option. How about these people, drug addicts, girls that are homeless because their parents kicked them out, girls that are raped. No it isn't the baby's fault but maybe it isn't the girls fault either. Adoption is a wonderful thing but some people just can't get that far. Abortion should be a last resort but I get so sick of people that judge other people and have no idea what the situation is.



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