To Everyone Who Likes To Talk Crap

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someone who cares - May 17

I just want to know why everyone is picking on Anne and Cheryl? do you know how it feels not to be able to bear children? do you know how empty you feel and how all your dreams get tossed in the trash everytime you take a test and it is negative so when someone gets pregnant and they dont want it there is a little bit of hope that maybe they can be parents. Why and who are you to take those hopes away. If you dont want your baby then dont open your legs.


~*~*~*~*~*~ - May 17

You say if you dont want a baby dont open your legs so wot if 1) you jus like having s_x (or) 2) how are you meant to walk withour openin your legs? do people who dont want babies hop? why do they do this and where are they??? :-|


ksdjfdjsf - May 17

if you just want to have s_x cuz its fun use protection she didnt mean like dont open your legs a little when you walk you knew what she ment


to ~*~*~*~*~*~ - May 17

well i sure hope you are not the one opening you legs if you dont know what i meant if you like having s_x use a condom or foam or birth control there are lots of forms of BC


Mr & Mrs Loper - May 17

Yes I know how it feels not to be able to have children and thangs cause I have pcos and my Dr more less said I couldn't have kids of my own because of it. Oh and we want kids reall bad and look at all these females that spread their legs that don't want them and things like that.


someone who cares - May 17

Hi there Mr&Mrs Loper I knwo how you feel too cause i also have PCOS and have been on fertility pills for over 5 months now and i still have not ovulated at all I am about ready to give up on my hopes of a baby we have posted on here and all i ever get is people who want to play with you emotions hang in there i know how you feel


R - May 17

Are either of you on metformin? I started ovulating straight away with that.


someone who cares - May 17

yes i am and have been for the whole time i took 200 mgs of clomid this month also Today is day 27 so we will see but i again do think that it will be negative.


Mel - May 17

Why are people doing this? I'm so sorry Cheryl, Anne, Jen and all that are being messed with by silly little kids with mental problems. But then again, the sad thing is, is that it's probably adults doing this.


Jen - May 17

Wow Mel thanks. I really am not here to cause problems or force anyone to do anything. Thanks for your kind words!! Makes me feel better.


tex u.k. - May 18

I totally agree, having occasionally followed some of these threads out of interest, i have felt more and more angry and upset for those such as Anne, Cheryl, Jen, Amanda etc who are trying so hard to offer love and a good caring family. such things should NOT be treated with the disdain and disrespect that i have witnessed on this site. Does anybody else think that if you want to post a message in the forum you should have to sign up officially so that everyone has one official username? It wouldn't take long to do and then people wouldn't be able to send fake posts under someone else's name as i noticed someone has been doing to Anne and Cheryl. Much less confusion, much less malice. I don't think it would stop stupid and cruel comments, but it would certainly help.


Jen - May 18

That was not MEL who posted that nice post about you, it was, I know this because im Cheryl


To above - May 18

You are making yourself look really pathetic.


hey every1 - May 18

to above is just here to cause trouble ive seen it around here before.



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