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kathryn anderson - May 6

Why the h__l would you tell that 11 year old girl to say that she was rapped?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! i had something very similar happen to me when i was twelve and my bf was fifteen. (yes, i know it was a stupid thing to do!) and he told me to say that i got rapped so that he wouldnt go to jail! and i did becasue at 12 i thought that i was in love and all that happy bullshit. while i still talk to the guy now and am happy that he didnt go to jail it wasnt worht it. its not on my perminant record but it is on record till im 18. and that is something that i do not wish upon anyone. even if its an 11 year old s___t. which im not saying the girl was but seems like it could have been a possibility. my lie (really a felony whiuch i wasnt aware of becasue i was 12! and hadnt studied law yet) went through for 48 hours before they found out what had happened. and it was the biggest mistake of my life. so before you go telling someone to comit a felony (yes a felony! which incase you didnt know, is a year or more in prison!!!!!) im sorry but if you think that commiting a crime felony, misdemeanor, or anything else, is a good way to get out of something you are WAY WRONG!!!!! i am 16 now and i regret what happened.its just not something that yopu want to encourage a young girl to do. especially with the fact that she will be stressed and likely to do just about anything for help. and not to mention the fact that the guy NO MATER WHAT HIS AGE!!!! will go to jail. she is underage and even underage kids go to jail for underaged intercourse. even if he is only 12 or 11 he will suffer consiquences. and considering that your a guy, wouldnt that have been the first thing that you would have thought of? she would be FORCED to get a DNA test becasue ofthe fact that she is only 11 and the state or the parents can make her commit to a test. untill she is 16 she does not have the right to privacy with her own body. and that is a fact. ask anyone who studies law. so just thought that you might want to know that!



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