To Girls Using Quot Withdrawal Method Quot

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me - October 31

I would just like to say no matter how many people try and preach on here that there is no semen in pre-c_m Etc , you CAN get pregnant from pre-c_m. I am living proof. i got a girl pregnant doing the "withdrawal method" we now have a 4mth old daughter. and i had not ejaculated before intercourse so it couldnt have been some left. and i pulled out ALONG time before actually c_mming. so GIRLS make ur guys use condoms! withdrawal isnt the way to go unless you want a baby!


Kate - October 31

Amen to that. Condoms are cheap (free at health clinics), easy to carry, easy to use, and don't effect s_x in the least. Keep some in your purse (away from heat or cold) and it'll save a lot of problems.


missy - October 31

I would like to add to that.There is no excuss for girls not being on birth control themselves.There are plenty of doctors who will give it without parents consent or parents knowing.They may talk about not having s_x or the use of condoms but if you are going to have s_x they would rather see you have protected s_x.I'm not bashing anyone b/c things happen even with all the precoutions in the world.Most of the time you can get birth control for free at planned parenthood and they are everwhere.


... - October 31

there's no excuse for guys not to use protection either, they say it doesn't feel as good, but my husband and i always used them before we got married, and it didn't seem to affect him much.


missy - October 31



me - November 1

Well. im a guy, and im sayin use condoms, they do feel a little different, all guys will agree, but in the end, it still feels great and its a big plus to not have to worry if the girl is gonna get pregnant or not, and to missy i agree that girls that are going to have s_x and dont want children should be on birth control! it takes both s_xes to make a kid!


to me - November 1

lol maybe it isnt ur baby


me - November 1

it is my baby. DNA tests proved it. im one of those guys that thought that id be ok if i "pulled out" i see so many ppl sayin "u cant get pregnant on pre-c_m" and just wanted to share my story and warn ppl!


- November 1

im glad a guy came on here and was honest!


bump - November 5

Birth control is only 99% effective but it's better then 0%.Why!



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