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Savile - October 20

(Re: your reply in "How long can you wait before you have an abortion?" I know this is off the actual subject, so I started a new page) Hi Kat, I can't believe I have found someone who feels the same way I do. I had a abortion after being raped too and the way you described how you felt, like being violated all over again, sounds just like how I felt. None of my family could understand this and thought I was being heartless (!!) They didn't see me standing over the sink with a razor in my hand. People can say such stupid things sometimes, when they don't have a clue what someone goes through. Thanks again Kat, you've made me feel so less alone xx


Kat - October 20

Hi Savile, I know what you are going through. How long ago was it? Its quite a few years now for me but sometimes it feels like yesterday, especially now. Families can be strange when such a major thing happens, they don't know how to deal with it. You've just got to remind yourself you did the right thing for you, its not their body. I'm glad you didn't end it all. I did try once but didn't get it right and I'm thankful for that now because I wouldn't be here today with my wonderful fiance waiting the couple of weeks before I can do a pregnancy test! ;) I know it's something you can never forget but it does get better and you can live your life properly again. Love Kat xxx


E - October 20

I wish you both peace and happiness:) I am tired of people telling women whether they should or should not have an abortion. Nobody has to live your life except you and YOU come first, even b4 the embryo. That is hard for some to comprehend but luckily the decision is not in their hands. Again, I wish you both the very best and thank you for following your hearts and minds and not others opinions.


Att - October 22

i cant believe people on here say u should keep the kid if u are raped i bet they never been raped an they dont know what its like they are stupid people with the way they say things they dont care that they upset u they dont even think or care if it upset u they are ignorant to it. All they care about is being right they think they are right they should just leave people alone


To "Daz" - October 24

who I think really is the idiot "Dazai". You are really sick. How can you be so evil to say something like that to a girl thats been gang raped? You need your head examining you sick twisted freak.


Hailie - October 25

I'm so glad that you both been able to get through such an awful time. I can't begin to imagine what its been like. Good luck with the pregnancy test Kat xx And 'Daz', go away and play on your playstation you immature little boy.



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