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Little Sister - March 28

Thank you for your mature reply to my post. I guess that I am a little hormonal as generally I ignor the trash talking replies. I know that I can't talk to my sister or mom about being pregnant so I come to this site to let people know how i feel and what is going on. It seems that a lot of immature young pregnant women got the wrong impression from my first post. What I ment to say was that on the Saturday in December Billy and I did a home pregnancy test to confirm our pregnancy after we had made love that morning. I seems a lot of people read my post and assumed that we made love for the first time on the day we did the test. In fact I was about 3 months along. First I did not believe that I was pregnant and then I had second thoughts about being pregnant by Billy. What if the told me to get lost. I can't tell my sister that Billy was the father of my baby. But on the saturday before we did the test I told Billy that I thought I was pregnant and he was the happiest expecting dad in he world. He told me that he loved kids and wanted a dozen and I had given him the chance of having one more. My sister hated being pregnant and had her tubes tied after the delivery. Billy almost divorced her because she wouldn't/couldn't and did not want to have any more kids. I know that I can never have more than a limited amount of Billy but I am willing to take the small piece that I can have. I Love Billy and our baby and I will be a good mom. I would love to have Billy all to myself but know thats not going to happen. I enjoy being pregnant and will give Billy as many kids as we want. Again thank you for the mature reply. I don't think it will change anything but it was nice to realize that someone had ready my post. Thanks again Little Sister


curious - March 28

how long after your sister had her baby did she get her tubes tied?


becca - March 28

two little sister i think so many people had a go @ you was because of what u did and still are doing to your sister and yes you have made alot of mistakes that have put doubt in peoples mind do you not even feel made for what you have done coz mabey if u showed remorse then people would be more understanding


Marie - March 29

How is she going to show remorse if she doesn't FEEL remorse. She clearly stated that she loved Billy, and that she wanted to have more babies with him. Yeah maybe it is wrong, but you know what, it's how she feels. Neither you nor I can change that. She came on here to share her story, and maybe for a little advice, not for people to tell her what she already knows. If she didn't know that what she was doing was wrong then she wouldn't feel so guilty about talking to her sister. So maybe she does feel a little remorse. Just not the kind you want her to feel.


becca - March 29

i dont want her to feel anything i wasnt bein a b___h to her i was just sayin why some people may bee b___hin at her and she clearly only cares about herself/ and needs and not her familys


Marie - March 29

Are you her? How can you say she only cares about herself and not her families need? You aren't her and therefore you can't possibly know what goes on inside her head. I never said you were being a b___h to her, and I don't think that you were being a b___h to her. Im pointing out to you things you may not have thought about.


becca - April 4

shut up maria i bet this is just lil sister tryin to make out that not every 1 dont believe her hahah so lame


I agree - April 4

with Becca



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