To Robin Re Help I Don T Understand

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Kari - October 1

Hey Robin, I've been trying to post a reply on your topic but it's just not letting me and I don't know why. Instead I have put my answer here as I feel so strongly for you. Also, where you from? Hugs xxx


Kari (my reply to you) - October 1

aaaawwww Robin honey, I feel so sorry for you. I'm sorry your mother isn't being more approachable. she must be shocked too but it isn't good for you to be treated in a way that causes you so much worry. You have admitted you made a mistake and no form of birth control is 100% effective. Accidents happen. Now it is helpful to advise you about adoption and fostering but you would have a lot of legal issues to deal with and you don't sound at all strong enough to handle anything like that. I don't blame you.


Kari (cont.) - October 1

As hard as it is I think abortion may be the answer for you if you really are feeling as bad as you seem, I a__sure you at 6 wks you have an embryo in you, not a human baby (fetus). Different people have different views on if the embryo is a human life or not. That is something you decide yourself, I couldn't have an abortion myself but I am 8 yrs older than you and in a stable situation. I'm not pregant but I know what I would do if I were. I do not have any ill feeling to women who do have abortions, it is your body and you choose what is best for it in the physical and mental sense. Remember though, your hormones will be going crazy just now so you will feel much more emotional about your fears regarding the pregnancy. Try to think clearly, as difficult as it will be. Do you want to be a mother for the rest of your life? Are you in a good position to do this? can you really imagine accepting you gave up a baby to a stranger through adoption or foster care? perhaps asking your mother to help you take care of your child would be an option but I cannot say as I don't know your situation fully. I wish I could make this decision for you but sadly it comes down to you and your feelings. Don't rush your choice, don't feel bad either way. If it's meant to be you will know it. do more research, try talking to a couple of the women in the adult pregnancy forums as they will be able to give you advice from a different perspective and from a more informed person. i'm not suggesting the teens on this forum are unhelpful, quite the opposite. I just think talking to a sympathetic adult would do you the world of good and help you to come the decision that is right for you. Very good luck sweetheart, I know you'll do the right thing whatever your choice is. Big h-u-u-u-g-e cuddles and loads of love. xxx


Robin - April 20

awww cheers kari:):) yur so nice i only just got back home ive bin away at my nanny's house 4 a few months. my mums sorta acceptd the fact tht im pregnant (im due in 6 weeks) im really happy bout goin 2 b a mum but i dont think ive properly got it in2 my head. my mum actually asked me 2 c_m back home im so happy she did:D:D were gettin on quite well!! she sed she will try 2 help me but she said shes really disappointed in me sorry i ddnt reply earlia:( but thnx newayz 4 all the huge hugs lol luv ya x x x



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