To Teddyfinch Jen Tish

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Mommy in Progress - December 6

I've been reading (some of) your posts on this site and thought you were totally immature. After reading your sensitive answer to Shevvi, I've come to realise that maybe you are not just stupid young girls, but young women having fun. (Sometimes at the expense of others.) Seems that not everyone gets your sense of humour though. Keep on having fun and GL with ttc and pregnancy. I definitely judged too harshly. Keep us laughing. :-)


PreciousBaby19 - December 6

Yay...someone*releases balloons*


box322 - December 6

PB19: did you see your name in the t_tle??...... there was a reason for that you dont keep as laughig and u are still immiture you idiot!


jennifer_33106 - December 6

Thanks mommy in progress! haha to be honest, we never claimed to be mature. haha With all the pregnancy and ttc stress, we like to kick back and just have a laugh and be silly. If it is at the expense of others, it is really just us joking around. What alot of people dont realize is that we may bump heads with someone people but we always welcome new people in even those who we fight with. But thanks! PB~ haha that made me laugh. haha Box.... Shut the front door. Addy~ please eat some soap.


AddysMummy - December 6



tish212 - December 6

I second jenns thank you...I saw my name in lights and was scared to walk in ...thought I'd get pelted with stones... but it was refreshing to see.... thank u for noticing that we r not doing it to be mean...its all for fun.... I spend my rl being an adult and preparing for this its nice to kick back and relax and act immature for a little while... :)


ShoppingForTwo - December 6

BOX is funny. Where in the world did s/he come from? WOW. . . How rude.


mummy2paris - December 6

Jennifer is right addysmummy you really should wash you mouth out with soap! You have been rerally horrible on here spesh to kendra an actual b___h, the other girls are funny and have a laugh but your just hurtful its quite sad that someone would come to a teen pregnancy forum purely to be nasty to other girls. Are you jealous or somthing? you not normally this mean?


AddysMummy - December 6

I am normally this mean. And I really don't care. Poor taste me etc, I can come back easily :) Change my IP sign up again, I'm good :)


AddysMummy - December 6

And no, I just hate her. But it's ok cause her and I are not speaking :)


AddysMummy - December 6

Oh and thanks, I was trying to be hurtful.


mummy2paris - December 6

Your lovely arnt you i am glad you dont have to talk to silly little girls with an att_tudele on here, because unlike you i can look above it and ignor them and be MATURE.


mummy2paris - December 6

Is that all you have to say whore,s___t,b___h,fat,ugly.... and on and on. Its all a bit boring and well pointless!


babylove4 - December 6

**I was biting my tongue***Thank You Jenn!! I mean sargeant-ect. Jenn...


grow_up - December 6

Ooooh and jenn throws a b__w using those pregnancy hormones!


babylove4 - December 6

Another one bites the dust!!! Ya or will be...haha


poo flinger - December 6

...and the hunter becomes the hunted... interesting indeed. Anyways... I agree that we can all fling a little poo without resorting to vulgarities, or at least we should be able to anyway. Its just as fun to do it without a potty mouth, and comes across a bit more powerful that way anyhow. Sure anyone can spout filth from their mouths - but a person who can use their wit alone in such a battle, without name calling and cursing - just has a tendency to come across that much more. You know, more educated, more literate, more well spoken, more likely to make an impression. Etc. I don't have any particular problem with anyone - but I do agree with what Jenn said. Clean up the filth a bit, we can still have fun without it =). Try it, ya might like it!



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