To Teen Mothers And The People Who Call Them Quot Whores Quot

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Sydney - March 27

I would like to say something. I have seen a lot of threads on here with people telling teen that having s_x is bad, being a teen mother is going to ruin their life, blah, blah, blah. We've heard it all before. Teenagers have s_x, ok? And with all the education and knowledge out there available to us teens, we know how to protect ourselves and we know the possibility of contracting an STD or STI. So to the people who like to come in here and, for lack of a better word, "bash" all the teen moms, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I'm not saying that having a baby as a teen is the absolute most perfect thing to do, but don't you people think that when these teens got pregnant and told their parents, that they heard it all from them? I'm sure most of the girls on here caught h__l for what happened. Most teen moms come on here with questions or looking for advice, and the last thing they want to see is "you shouldn't have been having s_x at 14, 15, or 16 years old." Believe me, they have heard it many times. And to all the teen mothers: I'm sure at first you were very scared about being pregnant, but I want you to know that no matter what anybody says to you, your baby is not a "mistake" or an "accident." Having a baby is the most wonderful experience in the world, and just because you had a baby at a young age, does not give people the right to bring you down and make you feel ashamed of yourself. You did what you did and there's nothing that can change that. Good luck to all you teen mommies out there, and shut up to all you teen mommy bashers.


kim - March 27

Who cares what you think.I sure don't.


Sydne - March 27

So if you don't care what I think kim...why reply to my post? I was just trying to stick up for the teen mothers on here because so many people look down on them.


tis me - March 28

If teenagers were so educated about STD's then why does the research indicate that: Study Found Nearly 1 In 5 Teenage Girls Have an Undiagnosed STD. New York - Undiagnosed s_xually transmitted diseases (STDs) were found in 18% of teenage girls who provided v____al samples they collected themselves during a 2-year study. The findings were reported in the June issue of S_xually Transmitted Diseases...... blah blah blah... The reason for people having such a strong opinion about teen mothers is generally that they are single, have no means of supporting the child and if they do have a partner/boyfriend, there is very small chance that the relationship will last. There is very little stability in that persons life, and one thing children need more than anything is stability! People have stipulated many times in here that they don't want to pay for the mistakes of these teenage mothers, their tax dollars could go toward things like education, health care, disability services, the list goes on and on. Can't argue with that


Nanna Ronni - March 28

Sydney- first of l would like to say well dont for thinking things through in such a refreshing manner. I totally agree with what you are saying. I myself am a mother who was a teenage mum all be it quite a few years ago, and yes some folk will enjoy this fact that my teenage daughter gave birth 3 weeks ago to a beautiful little girl. Ok so history has repeated itself a little. Did l condemn my daughter and her baby? NO I DAMN WELL DID NOT. I gave the love and support that they both rightly deserved. We live in the UK and yes narrow minded folk live here too but fortunatly there are also folk out here who can see through the age barrier and see the positives of what our young mums are doing. Did l as a teen mum sponge of the government, well putting it like that yes l did to a degree, but l also worked did voluntary work within schools and mental health field. I now have been training as a counsellor to work with young people. Do l look at the young drug addicts who come to me for help as wasters ? NO l dont, l give the support that they need. It really gets my goat these folk who have to gripe at anything. I wonder what is so perfect about their own lives. Who pays for their computer l wonder? Parents? So why dont they buy their own? Beacuse they too are spongers of their own parents . As for stds and such like. What about the adults that are just as irresponsible? Do l hear voices griping about them? No course not, why not? Because it takes a BULLY to pick on folk who are vunerable. Yes lm saying all these people who are attacking teen mums are BULLIES. Not nice being called a bully is it? Well take a look in the mirror and question why should one person think that you are a bully? Remember the days at school when folk called you names, said things about you or your family that you felt werent true, how did you feel? See not much difference in what you are doing here and now on this site, so welcome to being a BULLY. Bullies grow up to be lonely people. One day a lady might come along to be friend you, I wonder if she will have been a teen mum and I wonder if you will turn her friendship away. I bet you wont as you will be so greatful that someone wants to be your friend.


Sydney - March 28

Ok...this is to "tis me." I see your "findings", and yes, teens are educated on these things, they teach it in school. But what I would really like to discuss is your a___lysis of where your tax dollars are going. You say tax dollars are going to their "mistakes." Like I originally posted, a baby is NEVER, EVER a mistake, and how dare you call them that. Do you know where the majority of my tax dollars go? SOCIAL SECURITY! Which means it goes mostly to old people and others like them. I have no problem with that, because it is my duty as a working American citizen to support my elders, as they supported theirs. Why is it, that if people are more fortunate than others, they can't take the time to help them out? I hate it when people say "well, my tax dollars support the trash on welfare." Ya know what? DEAL WITH IT! That's life. I have no problem having a percentage of my money going to helping a teen mother feed her child when she sometimes can't afford to. Why are people so freaking selfish these days? And, as far as your comment about there is no stability in the teen mothers do you know? And I'm sure if a teen mother was absolutely, positively sure she could not give her baby the support and stability he/she needs, then that mother would give her baby up for adoption. My parents were 17 and 18 when they had me, and I turned out perfectly fine. I finished high school, and I am working part time while going to college and my husband works full time and we live on our own. I'm 19 and have a 2 year old daughter who stays with her grand-mother while we're at work/school. We've never had any state aide, and we got where we are by working hard for what we want. So to hell with your statistics.


tis me again - March 28

i seriously doubt that 'most' of the teen mothers on this site planned their pregnancies as many of them are saying...the condom broke, or i had unprotected s_x, or my contraception didn't work. why are you attacking me, i am just telling you what the statistics are, i am simply voicing what others have said....did i say in my post that these were my own sentiments?? chill out. what others do with their lives has no effect on me.


maya - March 28

i think u r right. okay u a teen mom. things changed but don't let people put u down. if i was a teen mom i wouldn't take nothing from igront people i would go on about my bussiness. im glad u posted this


PP - March 28

I think if you were paying attention you would find that the bashing of teen mothers goes on in posts like I am 14 and I want to have a baby... There is bashing when the teen is being plain stupid. No teen should plan a pregnancy. And while a good portion of tax dollars do go to SS there are also billions going to the welfare system. Supporting old people who have paid in to the system is a duty do not confuse it with supporting unwed mothers and people who are lazy and do not want to work. It is a proven fact that children born to teenage mothers are more likely to miss opportunities and end up in poor situations. The teen who have legitimate questions get legitimate answers but you cannot expect everyone to be sympathetic when girls 10 -16 are planning pregnancies or have multiple pregnancies. You are defending behavior that should not be defended or encouraged. And lastly children are created as a result of accidents and there are many mistakes that lead to children. If that were not the case there would never be adoptions. You need to chill out and realize that some teen mothers or want to be teen mothers need to be told exactly what people think of their behavior. I think personally that the problen with the children on this site is lack of morals and self respect. With those 2 things the teen pregnancy rate would drop dramatically.


becca - March 28

im 15 and a mum im educated and smart not a slag just like every other teenager i have got drunk many times and i like to have a laugh so im probably like all the girls critisising us but they think omg they have a kid what a hussy she must be a right b___h well no im not a most teen mums are just like evry other teen you get the odd phew who are skanky but dont you with everything so really all you who are critisisng us are only doing it because you feel bad about your self


Audrey - March 29

I don't like to read the posts from all these teenagers needing help because they're pregnant, but I give them advice anyway because they need it. It doesn't matter HOW the pregnancy happened, they need help dealing with the situation. Not all teens are irresponsible, accidents do happen. A close friend of mine was 17 when she became pregnant, even though she was on the pill AND used a condom. She was lucky to have the support of her family. Her son is now 18 and does fairly well for himself. So I don't judge all by the actions of a few.


Rachel - March 29

Snydey, that's one person's opinion. Sure, we've heard it all before, but maybe a lot of "teen mommy bashers" know what they're talking about because maybe they've already been through what everyone else is going through now already. I know that that doesn't give them permission to call us teen moms whores and c___p, but they're gonna do it no matter how much we fuss at them and insult them. just learn to ignore it, and be proud that you're a mother and you're good at being one.


Sydney - March 29

I wrote this post knowing that people would disagree with me, and some have, but I had to write it. I am not al all encouraging or condoning teen pregnancy as one of you put it, all I'm saying is that it happens, and it doesn't help with all the name calling and lecturing. If you see a post about "oh, I'm 15 and want a baby" and it makes you mad, THEN DON'T READ has no effect on your life, so don't read it. And now you're going to say "well, yes it does have an effect on my life, because if that 15 yr old has a child, they'll be living off the system." Well, maybe, maybe not. But what all of you who think teen pregnancy is a mortal sin and the sinners should be drawn and quartered, here's a little something I don't think you thought of...teens are the majority of mothers who give their babies up for adoption. What happened if the teen pregnancy rate just droped and only a few hundred teens got pregnant each year. Where would all those adoptive parents get children from?


... - April 1



Rachel - April 4

Sydney, what you just said really made me think. That was a good way to put it.


Sydney - April 4

Thank you Rachel, I'm glad some people have open minds and aren't quick to jump down my throat for what I said.


Kali - April 5

Sorry, don't agree with you. I look down upon teen mothers, I see them as irresponsible and a drain on society, and most people I know feel the same way.



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