To Tell Him Or Not To Tell Him

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ashley - July 15

me and my best friend went to a party on the last day of school. i had just finished 10th grade, so i was pretty excited. everyone was there. me and my friend had a few beers. since my mother and his mother were best friends since college,and i had known him forever, i was supposed to sleep over at his house. i had spent the night a million times.not in the same room, but in the guest room.well, as i was saying, we had a few beers, and went home really late. we went to his house. his mom was already in bed, so we got in our nightclothes and decided to watch some tv in his room. one thing led to another, and before i knew it, i was having s_x with him. after that, we didnt even look at each other. a few days ago, i decided to get a pregnany test, just to see. i didnt even think i was pregnant. i was doing it just in case. the test came out posotive.should i tell him that it's his? if i do, our parents probobly wont get along anymore.


Meg - July 1

You should tell him and your parents. Ya'll can't do this alone. It's better to start with the truth then to try to hid it and make rash decision. E-mail me if you every want to talk.


jeni - July 12

omgosh im goin thru the same thing.. i had this guy friend well he was like a BEST FRIEND and our parents are best friends to n they have been for awhile.. well after we realized that we could get away with having s_x without our parents knowin or even wondering we started doing it.. we started having s_x and getting away with it.. it was all good until i got pregnant.. when i told him. he flipped.. im 3 months pregnant now and i havent talked to him since the day i told him i was pregnant.. talk about an immature guy. when i told my mother she was really scared also that her friendship with his mom would be ruined or just really weird.. and forawhile it was. but they all sat down and talked and now their actually excited about being grandparents together. im not sure they would react like my parents did or that ur guy would do the same myne did but good luck and trust me your parents and his will be there for you all the way even if he isnt!


kay - July 15

it would be best if you told him it was his.


Dawn - July 15

Yes Ashley tell him, its both of ur responsibilty and u both made a mistake, its his kid and i would tell him, if hes a good man he'll stand by u


JT1118 - December 27

i think that you should tell him cuz if it goes any longer then you have the baby and he doesnt support you that would be really bad.


V9653 - December 28

really old post sweetie.



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