To The I M 14 And Want A Baby Brigade

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Straight Talker - November 4

Don't worry it will all be cute clothes, cuddles and taking the baby to Macdonalds to show off to your friends - like most think it is. And of course there's the endless sleepless nights being woken up every half hour to screaming, worrying if you don't go your child will choke on their own vomit. Spending all day covered in spew, shit and p___s. Your days spent in the depths of Post natal depression. 24 hours a day with something that doesn't stop screaming no matter what you do. Worrying about every illness your child has and staying up all night to make sure they are still breathing. Making up bottles at 3am. Having to stand in a stinking public toilet cubicle pumping br___tmilk because its leaked everywhere through your coat on a freezing winter day, red raw nipples that bad you cant bear to wear anything, between your legs stings from that ripping it went through so you cant sit down. That 3am feed you've just finished giving at 4.30am and baby brings it all back up over you, then starts screaming because he's hungry, he's just emptied the contents of his stomach all over you, so back downstairs you go and do it all over again. Next day the visitors turn up when all you want to do is sleep, and coo over baby and say how he's 'good as gold' while you grit your teeth. Then comes the weekend, your friends are going to the party of the year. Ohh no, I can't go, I've got a baby to look after, maybe in 16 years time, when I am no longer a teenager, I can go then. But then again I'll probably be bringing up number 2 or 3 by then. Cue the feeding bit again. Aaaarrgghh it 10pm and my babies got the worst case of the shits I've ever seen and I've run out of diapers!! Muuum? Oh no, I'M the mum now. Whys he gagging like that? Was that rash there before? Why does he keep being sick? Why are his eyes rolling like that? Why is he screaming? I've fed him, changed him, burped him for about 45 minutes. WHATS WRONG WITH HIM???? Maybe its my fault, I can't look after him properly. And I thought it was going to be easy? Aaah the joys of motherhood.


Lilie - November 5

Yep, been there!! I thought it was gonna be a walk in the park too!! Ha ha ha proved how stupid I was!!!!! Great post ;-)


j - November 5

yes this is true but there are also good points to having a baby just not at 14. go play with you toys!


Nana - November 5

wow i thought it was gonna be super easy now i wished i woulda stayed virgin till 21 lol ..... she needs some love an attention thats all


ray - November 5

i'm so glad you wrote this it saves me doing it go to i'm 14 and due to give birth. i have wrote about the pain in labour b/c most girls have no clue what it's like!!!!


Straight Talker - November 5

Just wanted to say a FRACTION of the negative things it can bring. All these 14 year olds saying 'oooh Id make a great mom, i don't care what my mom says' I mean obviously if you need to worry about what your mom thinks you are not old enough to be planning children. It obviously hasn't made much of an effect as 'baby-lova' still says she wants one. Not taken a blind bit of notice so I wonder why I bother. May the joke be on her when she is experiencing the things I described and shes wondering why she didn't take any notice. I was exactly the same and thought I was great for being pregnant. What a joke I was. I love my child to death and wouldn't be without him, I only wish I'd waited until I'd made something better of myself. These silly silly little girls haven't got a clue. No disrespect to any other mom or expectant mom, but this is how I feel and I prefer to be honest. There's no point in sugar-coating things. Then again there is no point in trying to get through to selfish and ignorant minds which is what these kids who are saying they want children now have. Bloody grow up first and stop being so stupid.


cutiepie - November 6

I know what you mean! im 14 too.I want a baby but i would be scared to tell my mom!! You got that.


Straight Talker - November 6

Children planning children are the silliest and most selfish people. They don't care about providing a happy and secure future for their kids as they grow into adults, they think its fun to have something cute to show off to friends, and expect their parents to look after the child when they want to go and do the things normal teenagers do. Well it doesn't work like that. You have got to be prepared and committed to plan a child, and at 14 believe me, no matter what you think YOU AREN'T. Play with your dolls for a few more years. Why do you think there's an age limit for s_x? It's supposed to protect children from things like this but people now seem to think it's a race to have s_x and have babies. Just because you have s_x, get pregnant and have a child, it doesn't make you special. For f**k sake look to your future, make something of yourselves, gain self-respect and give your children the upbringing they deserve.


Tina - November 7

Not every younger person believes a child is something to show off, I will admit a lot do. And I agree 14 is too early. But sometimes it isn't that hard sometimes it's harder. In my case my first pregnancy was a breeze, no tenderness, no m/s, no cramps, no anything to suggest I was pregnant except for the missed periods and the belly. I went pa__sed my due date and had a c-section after failure to progress. I never felt a single contraction when they started to induce me until my water broke and even then that wasn't bad(but believe that is soooooooooo not that case with most people) Like I said before I failed to progress, had a c-section and a wonderful baby 4 days after I turned 18. He slept through the night within the first month home and was wonderful. Sleepless night oh yea even now but only because I stay up too late because I have insomnia with this pregnancy (i'm 19 now) this pregnancy is all of what you said about pregnancy. Tenderness beyond any known tenderness, m/s (and I've never thrown up before in my life), back aches, head aches, dizziness and everything else that can be thought of. So before you decide to have a baby (*readers*) make sure you are mature enough, have a stable job, and support because you will need all of that. And finish school first, finish your dreams. Be a teenager. (As for me my son is the best thing that ever happened to me even tho there are a few nights (few and far between) that I wish I was just a teenager but I'm still with his father we are married now and we are happy together.) But not ever situation is like that.


Audrey - November 17

Any teenager who is thinking about how "cool" having a baby would be should read the poem "Teenage Lament" by Nancy Curtis. It's a very poignant piece.



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