To The Baby Sellers

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Cheryl - February 16

HI this is Cheryl. I know you probably think I am just a desperate infertile woman who is seeking to adopt. For your information I have a very demanding career that requires a lot of activity including (choreography, setting up sound equipment, singing, dancing, producing, directing, etc.) and might I mention I have to do 4 shows a day on average sometimes 5 or 6. As you can see I have no time to be pregnant so I have decided to adopt. I have one adopted son he has actually appeared in some of the children's theatre show and festivals. We would love to adopt again and offer another child an awesome one of a kind life. So to the baby sellers who think I am desperate you have no idea what you are talking about so stop your attacks on my character.


Sad - February 17

No-one here has any problem with you wanting to adopt, it's your business, just go somewhere else and do it.


Re:sad - February 17

Sad it is not your buisness so get lost you hopeless baby seller.


Cheryl - February 17

NO adoption is qiuck and uncomplicated. I know from experience. I have already adopted one child. Independant, private adoption requires the home study and fingerprints just like an agency adoption. I am not looking for someone to hand over a baby. I am offering a home to a child. I know it may sound hard to believe but some girls do want to find homes for their babies without going through an agency. That is their right to choose. Agencies are there for people who have no idea about how adoption works. I am sorry if I offend you becca but I believe there is a misunderstanding. I am here for the girls who are interested in private adoption. Only if they are considerring that option. I wish you the best becca. Also I read what people were saying about you and it broke my heart to think how you must have felt. Good luck with your new baby.


becca - February 17

well this isnt the place you mey think you helping but your not o that didnt bother me what other people are sayin they dont know me and now i take my time in writing i hope there is some differnce but i have noticed you have not posted about adoprion in other posts only teenage one and that anoys me i no ur probs just tryin 2 be helpful and thanx


Cheryl - February 17

Actually I haver had some replies to my email from girls who are confused and have not made a decision I have been giving them support. What ever they decide I let them know I will support their decision.


Cheryl - February 17

P.S. I did reply to other forums but got more response from this one. The teen forum is the most active so I prefer this one.



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