To The Teens Who Want A Baby

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Marissa - February 28

To the teens who want a baby. You need to think twice because having a baby is not fun at all. I know this because i am a 15 year old girl with a 2 month old baby girl. I have a post on here already the t_tle is HAVING A BABY IS HARD!!!!WORK ( read it ). I know i made a mistake but now i i'm dealing with it for the rest of my life. I wish i had waited until i got much older because right now it's soo HARD!! i'm still in school with a baby i have 2 more years to go. i want to go to college but the way it look right now i doubt it. If you a teen and want a baby think twice before you make that mistake...think about your future. I love my daughter more then anything but TRUST ME ITS HARD. buying diapers,changing diapers, putting them 2 sleep, buying baby food,bathing them,when they cry you gotta see whats wrong with them,waking up late a night,barley get in sleep,cant go out with your friends. being a teen mom dosen't make you look cute.


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 1

Marissa you are so right! It is hard work! And NO ONE should plan to have a baby before they are REALLY REALLY ready! Even older people arn't always ready to have babies. These young girls look at the cute part of it, they dont understand the mental and physical dranage it can be! What happenes when their babies are sick, do they know what to do, Do they realize that unlike a doll they can't just put their babies down when ever. It is a 24 hour 7 days a week, 365 day a year job. No lieing! No one will help you like you think, your friends will all be partying, happy, living it up while they change diapers and run off of nothing because in the past 48 hours maybe 8 hours spread around that time was spent reslessly sleeping. I love my daughter with all my heart, I am 19 and I run into things with my babe all the time, but luckely I knew what to do, I had raised my younger brothers, I had babysat for 50 differents peoples kids and babies. I have a house, a home business, 2 cars, 2 cats, and a full house and a spoiled baby girl. But my friend is 20 and almost hates her baby, calls me everyday crying, comming her to sleep while I watch her baby and my own and she lives with her parents! And she's 20! So planning a baby and not using the proper protection... NOT GOOD! Ask every single mother here what they have gone through, and stop beind so d__n selfish, this life you are thinking about bringing into this world under wrongful thinking is not only unfair but VERY very stupid.. Trust me. You get one chance to be a child, don't have a baby for you are a baby youself! It's all great things worked out for me, but trust me it wouldn't be so lucky for you! NO man wants baggage and to look after someone elses baby!! The men want a free woman with no streach marks and baby fat, think about it!! LONG AND HARD!


becca - March 1

yea you are right but.. what did you expect? did u expect it to be easy and fun all the time because im not a mum yet but i will be in 4 days if im on time and i no its going to be really hard and not fun all the time and people who go into it thinking its gunna be great really shouldnt be bringing children in to this world thats pointed at ppl who are tryin fot kids at ages of 11/19 not digging at u kk


Marissa - March 1

i already knew it was going to be hard so i know what i was going to expect. Dose that answer your question becca. I have had much more expierence then you so i know. I take care of my sister babies while shes at work and they drive me crazy. I yust to babysit before i got pregnant. And i am a good mother to my child. And i hope you will to.


becca - March 1

i didnt say you didnt know anything yea i look after my sisters baby all the time and i always baby sit i didnt mean to cause effense lol dont actually c how i did, i didnt relise it was a compation


mizy17 - March 1

I was pregnant with twins and I miscarried aty 2 months...I would ahve kept them even if the father hated it...So yea


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 1

Marissa first of all AINT is not a word! No one knows it all and sure as hell you don't know your a__s from a hole in the ground! I never once doubted anyones parenting skills, only the fact as to raise them into a safe, needed environment. To be ready and have everything like needs and wants!! And with a mouth like that you say your a good mom HA. You can't even suport your own child and yourself, you are selfish and need to GROW UP!


becca - March 3

why are you gettin so touchy your all in the same boat your all young mothers and im one to be you shouldnt fight you should give each other advise and suposrt instead of being b___hy


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 3

Becca, No we are not in the same boat! Unlike Marissa I can propperly suport my child, give her attention, and love. I treat my child with respect and give her love, and care! And unlike her I am older, and can see what a horrible person she is! As much as she would like to say she is a good mom, saying it does not make it true! Lorrie and as for you my husband can stand me because I am a good wife, and great mother. You are most likaly some little 14 year old who tricked her boyfriend into getting her preg, and now he wants nothing to do with you! Don't hate! And so nice of you all to have such great language! Hope you don't use it around your children! Poor stupid people! And as for not helping anyone, that'f funny because I get e-mailed at least 2 times daily of thanks and to want to know more! I know I do not have all the answers! No one does! But I sure the heck do not put anything down that I do not know for sure about! Hope your children grow up great even though the odds don't look to promising


becca - March 3

well you are really you dont actually know her at all like her with you how do you know what sort of parent she is it does not matter that you are older it doesnt make you any wiser look i cant be arsed to get all b___hy i was just saying what is the point!!


morgan - March 3

Marissa, I like what you posted. I am 16 and I have a 3 year old son. He is amazing and yes it was and still is hard but I think it is worth it. Maybe you should try to be more positive. I mean yes it is work but its fun work.


Lisa - March 3

Marissa, ignore the narrow minded att_tude of are right, being a mum is very difficult and can be trying at any age. You are obviously doing the best job you can, trying to juggle school and a baby at the same time. Make sure you take good care of your own health as well, being a teenager, your still need LOTS of calcium and a good diet to keeps up the demands of your baby and day to day demands that your body requires to stay healthy when you are so busy. You are doing the right thing by staying in school, 2 years will go by very quickly and you will be glad you stuck it out. Hang in there, you are doing a great job. :o)


becca - March 4

it made sense to me look i cant be botherd to get involved i was just saying this is pointless argueing, and its not just young people who shouldnt have a baby if the cant suport it its all ages you know!


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 4

Marissa ther you go running your mouth off again, just shows your maturity level! You are telling me that the bronx is a great place then you go and say that I would be crying if I ever went their because I couldn't handel it, tell me again why you think it's safe for your children if an outsider couldn't bare to go there? Also I don't care about no celeberty! And another thing I am not bragging I am telling you that you are obviously not ready in anyway, finacially, mentally nor physically, and if you see no problem with what you are doing then you need to grow up. Don't tell me to grow up Marrissa you are the one using horrible unnessesary lauguage and thinking that you are better then everyone else! If you think it's right to plan a pregnancy when you don't have the funds and mental stability then you are even more messed up then I thought! Girl give your head a shake!


Skyes momma and proud to be :) - March 4

I am positvie just not on stupid things like little children thinking they know more then anyone! And saying you are going to whoop my b___t, what kind of civil mother would say that? Is that how you plan to raise your children? Go to a parenting cla__s, get a job and get a life for your childrens sake! I NEVER once said I knew anything but so obviously I have more sense and intelligence then this child Marissa. Marissa if you b__w up at a bunch of fonts on your computer screen I could just imagine what you do to your child! I just want to make you understand how dumb you are being! I know that I have a lot more growing up to do, BUT not as much as you! I have been through more in my life then anyone has and at least I lived on my own suported my husband and myself for 3 years before I my child came into this world! That just goes to show who really is more mature, a little child planning her pregnancy, running her mouth off to some fonts, cursing, saying shes gonna kick my b___t(thats a laugh), not being able to suport her child OR Someone with a home business, house, 2 cars, husband, and all the love and attention in the world for my family! You can't even talk about your children in a postive way! So not to say that I am the most mature person in the world but next to you I sure the heck am the adult here!


Marissa - March 4

To the person who wrote RE:Marissa. for your information i'm not trying to scare anybody so what the hell you talkin about? you sound dumb.


RE: Marissa - March 4

I sound dumb? You're the one whose trying to threaten people over the internet. Its not scary, YOU, are NOT scary. Whats the point of threatening someone over the internet? Don't get so worked up over what people say on the internet.



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