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selfrespect is worth it - July 8

TO ALL THE YOUNG MOTHERS TO BE AND JUST OVER ALL YOUNG TEENS TRYING FOR A BABY.. i am not hear to give you a lecture,That is not my place but also, because it is, your body, and your life.. but First, before caring for another human being, You should really learn about self respect. I hear allot of girls, saying how they let a group of guys " bust a train", and how you slept with all diff. types of men just to get pregnant. I Just have one thing to say... IT IS NOT WORTH IT.... Do you want to just have a father for your baby? OR... Do you want a family for your baby? Dont you want your babys to grow up with a mom and a dad by there side? Allot of teens, they are in a relationship that is mostly about physical, nothing that is lasting more then a couple months... and you young ladys should think about that. I understand that there is something missing in your life, something like, lack of respect from parents, lack of just over all attention. But, having to deal with another human being is something that is not just temporally. ITS A LIFE TIME COMMITMENT. and that is some thing that you girls should really think about! But again, i am not hear to give a lecture, which i see i have already started doing.. but i just wanted to tell you about self respect.. learn about it first..... it will help you threw-out your life!!! Good luck to all of you young teens and young mothers to be... i wish you the best of luck....


ellie - July 8

i agree, i dont think that these girls realise that this is a lifetime decision. you cant change your mind when you get pregnant, your life will never be the same. you will spend every night and day with a baby to care for, and when it grows up, you will have every night and day to care for a child, teenager etc. no more going out and getting trashed, no more freedom. everything that you do will not only affect you, but your son or daughter. instead of living for yourself, you will be living for them. and if you were truly ready for a baby, you would realise that. you would realise that your son or daughter deserves more from life. it deserves a mum and a dad. even if they arent married, even if they are just friends. before you make yourself pregnant, go out and buy a puppy. look after if for a whole year before you make a decision like this. because the difference is that you can give the puppy away, but having a child is an irriversable decision.


relived - July 11

to ellie, you are right! COMPLELTY. i wil actualy share my story with you. I am a young adult and i belive that i was pregnant... i was having so many things going wrong with me and i was just scared for my life and if my unborn baby did truly exist, scared for my unborn baby as well. I had been feeling odd and just my overall body has changed over the past three months and i still hadent gone to the dr. ( that was the bigest mistack for me, i could of stoped all the feelings i was feeling). Well, one morning, ( 3-4 days ago) i woke up and just in a horable condition, i was throwng up constantly and i still conitnue to now and i just didnt kno what was wrong. it was'nt just in the monring, it wasnt just at one point of the day it was an all day thing. Wasnt able to eat anything, and still right now, i am unable to. Well, today , i went to the dr and he ran a pee test on me and it came back that i had a urinary tact infection. And the doc, is making an educated guess on that could possably be the cause of my symtoms. It is truly a relife, i was having so many problmes for the past three months and i truly felt, deep insdie, that if i was indeed pregnant, that my baby might have a little chanch of living, let alone if being able to be brought to full term, since all the trouble i was having, i might not born a healthy child. so it is a relive that everything is arlight. i still dont understand how a urinary tract infection can cause everything that i am going threw but like i said, i am glad to know, that what i have is curable and not deadly. I look back on it, and me and my boyfriend( my husband to be) we just arent ready. If the test would of came back that i was preggers, both him and myself would of done anything we could to get our baby everything he or she needs but just to think that we might of had to rush it, that is the wrost feeling of all. So i know how it feels to belive that i could be pregnant. IT IS THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD. but for young teens, you have alot of trouble to go threw when feeling that your pregnant. you have to hid it from peoplel, your scared to tell your parents ect. and when finding out or beliveing that you are, should be the best high in the world and shoudl be able to share it with any body.... but all i would say, is just wait to have a baby, you have your life ahead of you... let it happen when its supose to hapen and with the right pearson



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