To Those Seriously Considering Abortion

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March_Mommy06 - October 7

Okay girls, please hear me out. Abortion is truly wrong. I am not telling you that its wrong based on certain religions and stuff, because thats everyones personal outlook, but it is wrong morally. It is so hurtful for the baby. They heartlessly tear away peices of your baby and crush the head and remove it!!! To see the actual events, Please go to this site. It is awful. I can't believe anyone would actually believe in that! Your baby is a baby from day 1. Its not some alien creature or anything, it is just like you and me. Please, please reconsider your thoughts on abortion. Also, if you think its your easy way out, it really isn't because almost 100% of the time, you go into serious depression, can never have kids, and you have AWFUL problems to deal with for the rest of your life. Give this baby a chance!! If nothing else, there are couples wanting a baby so bad and cannot have kids....consider adoption. But I reccomend KEEPING YOUR child. Never let anyone or anything decide your fate. A baby's life is in your hands. Treat it with care!! I am not here to upset anyone or anything, but I am so against abortion. It is an awful thing, and after watching this video, maybe those who have considered it will think about it more clearly!


KK - October 7

Hey March Mommy. Well done for choosing to post this - you're going to receive a lot of abuse for it, so it was a brave thing to do. Personally I'm pro-choice...I don't believe in using abortion as contraception, but I do think it has it's place and can be the right decision for some people, dependant on their situation. I have had an abortion, and yes it did cause me a lot of emotional pain, and I do still feel guilty about it...but it was the right thing for me to do at that time, because of my own personal situation. Can I just quickly advise that anyone who is in a situation where their only option is to have a termination, due to either personal or medical reasons, DOES NOT watch the silent scream video. If this is something that you have to have done, you would not want to know the full extent of it. Just one other's not really fair to say that people who have abortions can never have kids...while it may work as a shock tactic to scare people away from having an abortion, it could also panic the people who are ttc and who have had a termination in the past. Abortion does not cause infertility. This is medical fact. Yes, there can be complications which could cause problems in conception. Yes, second trimester terminations can result in incompetent cervix. But they really actually don't cause infertility. I really hope that this doesn't turn into yet another thread filled with abuse and name would be refreshing to see a mature conversation about a tricky subject for once.


March_Mommy06 - October 7

I have always been strongly against it. UNLESS, there is great harm to the mothers health. That is the only exception I can accept. Maybe I am not open-minded but there are other ways out for all the other reasons. Teens who don't want to have their baby because their bf left them should NOT have an abortion. It's stupid. You don't NEED a guy to help you. If we needed men, we wouldn't be able to think for ourselves and work and etc. like it used to be! But we have options to be successful without men! I found out I was pregnant AFTER me and my ex split, but there is no way I would abort or even put her up for adoption! Everything happens for a reason and we are given these babies because a higher power (God, and whoever else people may believe in...I dont want to offend people there) gave us this oppurtunity. It may be hard, but it's a choice we made to end up pregnant at 13 & 14 (Which I DO NOT understand!), 15, 16,17,18 and whatever. I understand people here are cold and heartless and rude and will criticize me. Even people who have not been pregnant at a young age, have not studied abortion, or people who haven't had one. It's not really their place. Sure, we all have an opinion, but some people are RUDE because they are acting like young boys I used to beat the c___p out of in the 5th grade! Lol.


yawn - October 7

Oh we've never seen that CRAP before.... why cant people just mind their own business?


KK - October 7

March Mommy, what about situations where the baby's health could be at stake, or when the mental health of the mother would be put at risk? In my situation, I was 16 and was told by my parents that I HAD TO have an abortion. I had been bleeding for three weeks solidly, and was told by a doctor that I would likely miscarry anyway. My own personal health was not in danger, but I had the double whammy of: 1. I would likely miscarry, and 2. if I'd continued with the pregnancy, even if I'd planned to give the baby up for adoption, my parents would have disowned me. I wasn't mature enough to cope with supporting myself at that time, I really didnt have anywhere to go, and I certainly couldn't have cared for a baby effectively. I've actually studied faith and ethics, so know a great deal about both sides of the argument. It's difficult to say that abortion is an absolute evil, without having every piece of information about each situation at your disposal. I totally agree that it's unacceptable for people to put their opinions across in an inappropriate manner, by making rude and personal comments. I really do sincerely hope that this won't happen on this thread xx


KK - October 7

Could I offer a suggestion? Maybe people who offer confrontational or ill-informed opinions should be ignored on this thread? It's clear that these people would like to start an argument, so maybe it would be better to just focus on the core of the conversation rather than giving these people the satisfaction of causing the thread to dissolve into arguments. Just an idea, I hope people are with me!


March_Mommy06 - October 7

If you would read my post, I said there was an exception to health issues. If I was told that I would more than likely miscarry, I still would not abort because there is still a chance of it being fine. At 16, your parents cannot make you support yourself, that is against the law....Child Neglect ring a bell? I hate hearing these kids say they want to abort because they are 16 and their parents will kick them's impossible! Parents are going to say stuff like that, but when they realize they will have a beautiful grand baby, they change and fall in love. I don't see why you would want to make it sound okay for teens to do this! If it isnt wrong, why is it illegal in most places??


KK - October 7

March Mommy, you need to accept that people have different opinions to you, and that peoples lives can differ a great deal from what you're used to. I did read your post, you said that you would make an exception if there would be great harm to the mothers health. I was asking you about risk to the baby's health (in my situation I was told that if miscarriage didn't happen naturally, there was a chance there would be something wrong with the baby. I'm sorry I didn't make this clear at first), or the mothers mental health. In this country its not against the law for parents to kick their child out at 16. And, although my parents didn't do it when I was 16, they did do it when I was 17 - I was forced to stop at a friends house for a long time until my parents were talked round and allowed me to come back. Not all parents are the same, so not all people who say this are lying. Although it may not have been intentional, please don't imply that I am lying about my own experience.


JaedynKelly - October 7

abortion is really bad n may sumtimes be a morally wrong choice, yeah im agreeing with u...but exactly a month today i went thru with one. Trust me my life has never changed so drastically, even when my mom died couple months ago. I cant speak for other people but for me, from before i knew i was pregnant i felt a connection with something. when i found out it grew stronger although the fact that i was really pregnant didnt quite set in. I am 18 and i was ready to take full responsibility of my child whether or not anyone wanted to be there for me. being frightened that i lost my baby at 6 weeks wen i saw the slightest amount of blood and rushing to the doctor, i was soo excited to finally become a mother. Then again i started to listen to what people had to say, most of them didnt know that i was preg. but constantly hearing stuff like "babies ruin your life" and "dont be anyone's baby making machine" and "dont disappoint ur mom by having a child now" all started to make me think that me wanting to keep this baby was really a bad decision...Yeah n finally i was convinced that it was n decided that i would get an abortion..My baby's father was there with me through out everything..when i fell asleep for the procedure and when i woke up he was the last n person that i saw...there was never a point during the whole thing that i didnt think about what i was doin to my killed me inside and its still killin me. Depression....gee sometimes it take over me completely and NOTHING tears me up inside like seeing someone pregnant or a newborn baby...Yeah i saw that video some time before and never thought that i could do that to someone that was a part of and connected to my body and my being...but i did, i made the mistake. I ask my child to forgive me constantly but i havent forgiven my self....Anyways..what im trying to say is that, abortion may be wrong in some cases but sometimes many of our decisions will be influenced by what people that may have no significance in our life thinks.....Just choose wisely please..thanks


KK - October 7

JaedynKelly, I went through the same feelings, and it took a very long time for me to forgive myself. I actually went for some counselling a few years later, and while I still feel bad about it, it's now a manageable pain. Is this something you'd consider doing?


JaedynKelly - October 8

nah, it wasnt, just tried to deal with the situation


Siara - October 10

people seem to think that if you have had an abortion you must be a heartless person. im sure theres a lot of people that dont understand how someone can go through with it. but sometimes it really is just a relief for it all to be over. that doesnt mean it doesnt hurt or affect you emotionally. sometimes its just for the best and it shouldnt have anything to do with anyone else. i notice a lot of people use that video to scare people off but really why do people do this? what has it got to do with anyone else? people say give your baby up for adoption like its the easiest thing in the world to do and that it wouldnt even need thinking about. people just need to accept that there are different opinions and ways of thinking and that abortion isnt going to stop. i had an abortion in may this year and i still feel it is the best thing i did. it doesnt mean i am heartless. i love children and do want them one day. just the circ_mstances at that time were not acceptable. peoples scare tactics of "it will haunt you for the rest of your life" and "you wont be able to live with the guilt and regret" arent true. if you have truly made the right decision you can live with it comfortably


KK - October 10

Whoever posted that I'm "a sick person". Please, please grow up and try to get a wider perspective. My baby was in trouble, and I didn't have a choice. I was not using abortion as contraception - I had used contraception and it failed. I was careful and responsible, but this still happened. I have already explained this, here and elsewhere. The children on this forum need to learn to bite their tongues until they have an informed opinion or something of value to add to a discussion. Immature comments like the one directed at me don't put across a valid point of view, they just cause pointless agruments. They also result in the person who posted them coming across as extremely childish.


Aimie lou 15 - October 10

I think that is total c___p u sed it had 2 be ure chioce and then u tell every1 its totally wrong. I had made my mind up 2 have an abortion & believe me its not an easy chioce 2 make im still making mistakes and still learning from them & if i was 2 go ahead & have my baby all that would have 2 stop bcos my baby wud be my first & only priority. i would also never want 2 bring my baby up without a father & all tho my other half loves me he would never be there 4 our baby x x


mel - October 10

for all those who think abortion is harmless towards the baby, think again. ABORTIONTV.COM will severely bring you back to reality. watch a 12 week foetus squirm away from the tools of an abortionist as it clambers desperately for its life! Do you still think you can justify this murder???


to prolifers - October 10

The majority of abortion take place BEFORE 12 weeks!! In fact most occur before 8 weeks, and abortion this early is usually NON surgical, this means that horribly graphic video you all keep refering to DOES NOT represent the majority of abortions being carried out today.


reality check - October 10

Yes the video is graphic and yes its disturbing - but thats abortion. You can try to sugar coat it with statistics that yes, most abortions do occur before this stage, but a lot happen after - up to 24 weeks remember! So don't try to justify the murder of an innocent life with facts that abortion isn't always the way in the video - its still the destruction of a life, whether you take a tablet or have the foetus surgically removed. This a___logy is tantamount to describing a murder done with a gun is less cruel than being beaten with a hammer - because the victim dies instantly and feels nothing. Again - in most cases, is completely beyond forgiveness



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