To Those Teens Under 18 Who Want Babies

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Name: A Girl - February 27

This is more of some advice than a question but anyhow.... Please, wait till you get your education, a good job/career going, a stable home and environment, and a husband/wife BEFORE you try to get pregnant! I have a friend who is 20 and she has a little girl almost 3 years, and a little boy almost 8 months. She is married, has a good stable home, and environment. She loves her children and her husband and would not give them up for a thing, but she admits she would NOT be able to take care of her children on her own. So PLEASE reconsider and look at your future! Do you want to have to find a babysitter everytime you want some alone time or simply want to go hang out with babyless friends???? You can't dump your child on your parents or a sitter everytime you want freedom from the child! It just does not work that way! God Bless!


Name: A Girl - February 27

Just so you know....I was not putting this up to be rude or a b___h....just trying to be helpfull! If someone else posted a similar post...I am sorry I did not look to see if there was any posts on the same / similar thing. Again I am just trying to help.


KM - February 27

I agree with your post completely! I mean, motherly urges are totally normal but you can look at others with babies all you want but you never realize how hard it is until you are living the life.I am a 19 year old mother, my son is 3 mnths old, and I went into it KNOWING it would be hard but thinking I could manage it (my son wasn't planned) but I am finding it extremely difficult. Don't get me wrong, it is all worth it at the end of the day. But I can't do it without my boyfriend and my mom, and even my best friend helps me out. I don't go out anymore unless someone offers to babysit or something, my friends and I usually end up just hanging out here.I am lucky to have good friends, most ppl in my situation would be sitting home alone every weekend. it is completely life consuming, and veryyy tiring. My baby sleeps through the night and I am still exhausted everyday, between doing his laundry, making bottles, playing with him,keeping up with the everyday cleaning, errands, school, trying to find time for our relationship. sometimes Its frigging midnight before I even get a chance to have a shower.And I cant count the number of times I have had to eat a cold meal because he was hungry, or had to sit there for a half hour giving him a bottle but needing to go pee SOO bad lol This little life depends completely on you for everything. being a mother is the most selfless act in my opinion. And I suggest if you aren't ready to give your whole life to this yet, enjoy your teens first.have some fun and get ahead in life before you settle down, that way you will also be giving your baby the best life you can, instead of being a teen mom and barely getting by.


bione - February 28

boo freakin hoo


Name: A Girl - March 1

To all those who read/have read this....I was and am not trying to be a whiny, rude person. I am just trying to be helpful. I have absolutly NOTHING against young mothers, but I am just saying this to those who are not already pregnant or who do not already have babies and who claim they want one. To those who are under 18 pregnant or have a child (or children) I am pretty sure it was not a planned pregnancy but stay strong, and try to keep smiling though it is HARD! Though I am not a teen mother and am only 17 (18 in 2 months) I used to babysit for a friend of mine. She litterally dumped her baby on me. Her baby is now 8 months but was 4-6 months at the time, and I was litterally talking care of her for nearly a week at a time, day and night. Almost for 3 months off and on. I loved that baby girl with my heart though she was not mine, and I wanted to keep her because her mother didn't want her obviously....but I am glad in at least 8 ways or more that that little angel was not/is not mine. I know you teen mothers are probably thinking "okay a month or so with a baby is nothing compared to what I am going/ fixing to go through!" But I am not on here to fight. Just trying to give advice... again to those under 18 who THINK that they want a baby and think it would be soooo much fun....reconsider! Yes babies are cute, lovable, and their giggles are adorable....but there is a down side.....much much bigger than you think. Theres the money issue, the time consuming effort to care for the child, the you won't be able to see your friends much anymore....and so much more. Please read want some of the teens who ARE already mothers and you really want to go off and deliberatly get pregnant? Mistakingly getting pregnant is one thing....but on honestly makes you look bad to a lot of people. Good luck with what ever you choose.


To: Name: A Girl - March 1

I agree with you. Although some people would look at what your saying as trying to play "mother" with those who don't use there brains as well as they should, I think what your saying should be taken seriously by these young girls. I was reading some past threads a lot were 12, 13, 14 and 15 year old girls saying that they have what it takes and know what they want. They claim they want a baby and they would be able to care for it. What they don't realize is the time and effort it takes to care for an infant. I myself struggled for months to care for myself and my child. I had my baby girl when I was 18 years and 4 months old. Yes I was young when I got pregnant, but I was not carfull when I should have been. Though I would not give little Faith up for anything in this world, I still miss my freedom of being able to sleep all through the night, and be able to hang out with friends and so on. Faith is 3 and a 1/2 months old and her father is barely there....only paying for a pack of diapers every other week, when he should be helping more than that. He is 2 years older than I, and has already got another girl pregnant! I hope that the young girls on here will read this and know that they could be in the same situation if the keep up there "my bf and I want a baby REAL BAD" c___p! Good luck to all those who read this, babyless, young moms, or anyone else for that matter. God bless you all!


Britt - March 6

But to all the teens that already have kids and are trying to make a good life for your family on your own, don't be discouraged by people saying that you will not have a good future or life if you have a child. Thats just ignorance. Although i DO agree that there are just some people that are too immature to have kids and should not be trying to reproduce. And yes, that was aimed at WHATEVA..


Name: A Girl - March 7

To Britt, just in case you were starting this thread was not bashing already teen mothers nor making fun of them in any way. I have a few teen mom friends and they are really good moms. I started this directed to those like WHATEVA.....I apologize to those whom misunderstood what I was trying to get at. As I have said before in a past post, I have NOTHING against teen mothers. It's just I don't think it wise for those whom are young would go out and plan a pregnancy when they know full well that they are not ready in many many ways. Again...sorry for any confusion, or misunderstanding. Bye.


Young Momma - March 7

I read this and my pregnancy was not planned, and I would NOT have planned a pregnancy at my age (16). I have some friends who are my age and younger who do exactly what this thread and posts talk about.... thinking that they want a baby at their age, when they just don't under stand. I try to convince them NOT to go though with what they plan by throwing my situation at them, but I just can't get them to listen.... I hope they get a chance to read this forum....they come on here occasionally.... and they seem to think it's cool. Just from my experience...I would highly advice not to try on purpose to get pregnant when your not matter what the age.


RE: Shannon - March 8

Please don't come in here to insult and put down a bunch of people you don't even know.


Name: A Girl - March 8

To Shannon, your post was not only rude and directed towards 13 year olds only, but did not make much sence as far as wording goes. I did not start this thread for people like you to come on here and b___h this young girls out. I am trying to give helpful advice, and tips to those who are under 18 whether they have babies, are pregnant, or planning to get pregnant. I am young myself and though I do not have any biological children I do babysit a whole lot mostly infants, so I do have a pretty good idea of what it's like to be a mother at my age. I babysat for this one women where I was babysitting her 4 month old baby girl for almost 2 weeks straight at a time. (pretty stupid for her to have me babysit her infant for that long I know) but it was a day and night thing for 2 weeks with only 3 or 4 hours off and on here and there during those weeks where her mother had here. I had to take the baby with me everywhere...though it WAS fun at SOME points but others I just got overwhelmed and my dad had to help me with the baby. I have experience to a certant level to know that being a young mother is not easy nor as fun as these young women are thinking it to be so. THAT Shannon is why I started this post...NOT for people like you to come in here and raise hell all over.... May God bless those under 18 whom are pregnant, or have children. God Bless!


Name: A Girl - March 8

I forgot to add this....though there IS a 13 year old on here being rather rude, that Shannon is still no excuse for you to call EVERYONE in here selfish b___hes.


Melissa - March 8

I will say that I agree that it is hard being a teen mother, I once was. But with hard work, and love and support from family you can make it. I had my first child when i was 17 years old, Got married to my high school sweetie, WE finished high school, WE both have great jobs with HUGE companies, WE both are in college trying to obtain our B.S. in Acct. w/ C.P.A. Our Oldest is in a top of the line global school (one of the hardest to get in to). Seven years later I wouldn't change a thing. I would like to say good luck to all of those who have made the decision to have children.


To:Anyone who reads this - March 9

I had my first baby at 14 I am now 25 and married and have 3 other children as well. It was VERY hard at times, and very sad at others. I married the father of the first baby and we together have made 4 beautiful children (including the 1 girl I had at 14). 2 girls, and 2 boys. Good luck to all those whom are young and pregnant.


Emily - March 9

I agree.


A young momma - March 9

im 16 and have two kids, one who is going to be 4 in about 4months and a newborn who is 4 days today, i agree with you, but at the same time i also disagree, i feel as if your "old" enough to take the responsibility to have s_x knowing the risks then you should be old enough to step up and take care of your responsibilities


Liz - March 10

so the second i turn 19 its ok?



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