To Those Who Made A Mistake And Are Tired Of Being Bashed By People On This Site

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Meagan - August 27

I've seen alot of these post, and on everyone there is someone bashing the person writing the post. For those who are recieving the bashing - don't listen to it. They are just immature people who don't know your side of it, or what's going on. Most of them just put in their two cents to be noticed or start confusion. You may have made a mistake, but mistake are made to be corrected. If you fall, get back up. You may not be a Christian, but Jesus loves you and God has a plan for your life, and He's the only one who has what you need. Not the immature people on here who just run their mouths and kick people while they're down. To the people doing the bashing - you need to realize what you are saying and how it affects others. You're going to keep putting rude and hateful replies and post, and when you really need help no one is going to be there for you. They are going to give to you what you gave to them. Jesus loves you too and God has a plan for your life, and you could be helping instead of hurting, rebuilding instead of tearing down. You will reep what you sow. I hope you seriously think about that. God bless you all. [email protected] E-mail me anytime. God bless.


huh???? - August 3

I am sorry but I have to put my two cents in here, I agree with some of what you are saying.. but posting all this stuff about God loving you is pretty imperonal, its just like a tv evangelist which I so do not agree with. And yeah there are some people who go around bashing on this site, but there are also some people that are so frustrated at the things people say and do.. like a 13yr old girl saying she wants an abortion.. I mean COME ON... its one thing to make a mistake, but another to ignore the consequences of your actions and think that you can blame other people for it... or try and cover it up. And if I think someone is being selfish or nieve, I will tell them.... I will not call them horrible names but I will not be there crying poor didums if they have not and will not be responsible.


I agree - August 27

Meagan i think your right! it is a bit impersonal to put stuff about God on there but i am a Catholic and i agree! i posted a question on here and most of the posts i received were abuse and telling me how much of a slag i was and things like that and it really did hurt! thx 4 postin this! luv Robbi x X x


Kat - August 27

Bible Basher!


Alisha - August 27

Meagan & All I have read alot of the posts and I was just wondering what you consider to be bashing? I hope you are not considering bashing as those who have flat out told all of you that you should not be having s_x if you are not educated about it or if you are not mature enough to be safe. First of all, s_x is a very big decision not to be entered into lightly. If you are mature enough to have s_x you should be mature enough to educate yourself about it prior to having it. These mistakes you are referring to are merely s_xually uneducated people that have been thinking with their hormones and doing what makes their bodies feel good at the time. Let's be realistic here, some of the questions are innocently founded and therefore if you have to ask such innocently founded questions you should really refrain from having s_x. So many of you are having s_x then........Oops, lets ask some questions now because I might be pregnant! Wake up people! Get the knowledge first.


13_Rokky_Road - August 27

I must agree i have seen alot of ppl riting mean stuuf. the ppl's r here to get some advice in the situation they r in! so shut up ppl wit ur bad riting and slaging ppl of coz they r only slags and that if u sleep around and that.getting pregnant @ a younge age is unresponsible but if u provide 4 the bub 2 b then u shall be fine. o and a shut up 2 exspecially jess and !!! coz no1 needs to hear a little imature kids voice if u dont got anything good 2 say!



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