To To 12 14 Yr Old Mummies And Mummies To Be

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Tulip-Mae - May 22

im 13 and pregnant its a long story plz dunt make me go in2 it im jus wonderin if der is nebodi i can rel8 to??


Megan - May 22

Congrats. I'm 13 and also preggo. I was seduced by my best friends brother. I sorta like having s_x and feeling all grown up until I found out I will soon be a mom and have to care for a baby. I did not tell amyone until I was so far gone that I could not have an abortion. I scared of being a mom and all ready miss the things kids get to do. I can't play sports due to my pregnancy or do other things ked do. Next summer I will be busy caring for my baby. Mom said I have to b___st fed my baby to save money. It's not fun and I will not get preggo again until I'm married.


Frankee (girl) - June 2

Megan how far along r u?


sinead - June 5

Really, have you considered adoption? If you're worried about missing out, and not having enough money, why not give the child to someone else who can afford it? It wouldn't make you a bad person, because it may be best for the baby. You should really look into it, you could get medical costs covered, too.


Person - June 5

Seriously, you should fallow this link:


confused too... - June 5

hey i can relate. i'm only fifteen and i'm 3months pregnant... how far along are you?... i'm kinda excited. sorry i'm not 12 to 14 but i needed someone to relate to too. we'll be fine. are u still with the babies daddy? i've been with mine for 1 year and 1 month.


Jaya - June 6

im 14 and have a baby girl who is almost 4 months old. if you ever want to talk my email is [email protected] or MSN IM [email protected]


Frankee ( a gurl ) - June 6

Hiya Gurls im 13 and im 5 months preg 4 months to go :s mixed feelings scared of labor lol


To Kelly - June 7

Why are you saying don't kill your babies when no one even mentioned abortion? You really are going to far and I con't imagine anyone feeling they can talk to you for impartial advice. You may be desperate but you can't force girls to do as you say.


tarshaiyva - June 8

im 14 and 8 1/2 months along.if u need sumbodi to talk to my email is [email protected] i can tell is be strong have faith tell your doctor if not parents hang in there everythings gon be alrite(trust me i know i have 1 already)


Emma Hickson - June 8

I was pregnant when I was 14, I am happy to chat if u want to, my email address is [email protected]


kenya - June 9

im 13 years old and i have a 10 month old son. its so har dbeing a parent. i havent even seen his father since the first(and only) time i slept with him. it was my first time. i dont see what everyone wants so bad with s_x. it wasnt even good. it hurt like crazy. i wish id never even had s_x in the first place.


ciara - September 25

yeah i am 14 and preg....and i kno what ur goin tthro and i have 1 more monh to go if u wanna talk e-mail me [email protected]


hope - September 26

hi i am 13 and preg email me at [email protected]


me - September 28

Hey i used to come on this site all the time and i havent been on it on ages I have a baby girl hu is 21weeks tomorrow and im 14 you can do seriously good luck xoxo


ho hum - September 29

this is why the legal age limit for s_x is 16. So do any of you realise you actually broke the law? I just hope you can care for the innocent lives you've brought into the world! Good luck


Tammy - September 29

There is no legal age limit for s_x...come on. Now if the person has s_x with someone over 18 that can be considered statutory rape. These are very impressionable young women, do not lie to them. What if someone read that it was "illegal" (which it is not) and that hindered them from speaking to their parents. To the original poster, I am pregnant, but well over the age you mentioned. There are many families unable to have children, if your not ready, adoption is a wonderful option. If you can raise the baby and have your parents help and support, I am sure you will be just fine.



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