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corinne - April 13

Sorry just need to get this off my chest. If anyone tells you that you wont be able to go to college or travel because of a baby is full of it. Ok don't ever listen to anyone who says something like that. All they are are dream crashers and just want to put you down. I am 20 have a two year old and am in college. Never graduated from high school but I did get my GED last august. I started going to college this spring semester is my first year and I am doing great because I wouldn't listen to those who would try to crash my dreams. You can be anything you want to be with or without a child.


corinne - April 13

One more thing I could have gotten my GED sooner and gone to college sooner but for some stupid reason probably because I was scared of going back to school I didn't.


krista-lee - April 13

i agree. im 16, doing my last year of high school 2006-2007. i only have to go to school in the afternoon, and my boyfriend is gonna be going to school in the mornings so we take turns watching the baby while the other's at school. and since we're so young, youth services provides us free daycare if we go to college. everyone makes it seem like having a baby is gonna ruin your life. well guess what, my history teacher had TWINS at 17, look where she is, shes doing great. so to everyone who says its gonna ruin our lives, you need to go get one yourself!


corinne - April 14

Well put Krista-lee, and that's great that ur staying in school.


katie00 - April 14

Any aldult who tells you you can't finish school is irresponsable.It is as if they are trying to set you up for falure.I do see where they are comming from because it is in the numbers 80% of teens mothers do end up on goverment a__sisant.Less then half finish high school and less then that go to or finish collage.These are national statistics,not my imagination and they don't not exsist because you don't want them to.I don't tell you this to crush your dreams but just the oppisite.I hope if encourages you to push yourself harder.IMO any good mother would want to spend time with their child more then having someone watch them so they can travel and have that experence.If you are not ready to give up that part of life then you are not ready for the full responsibitly of a child.Before you start a riot I do believe you need to take time for yourself and do thing for yourself within reason.It help you be a better mother because it can help relieve stress.AS I SAID THE LAST COUPLE OF SENTENCES ARE A PERSONAL OPINION AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE.


Mandy1984 - April 14

WELL SADI CORINNE!! I too went back after I had my girls, It was 10 times harder as its vertually impossible to study at home, but I pa__sed my exams so Of course it can be done, You too should be proud corinee, I know how hard it is, BEcause something is difficult dosn't mean it is immpossible, p.s Good luck at college, but you sound so determined you won't need luck!! :)


corinne - April 14

Thank you Mandy I just want all the girls on here to know that they don't have to give up their dreams just because of a child. You can be anything you want to be even though it may take a little extra effort it is still possible.


shaz82 - April 14

Guys just to let you know even if you have a baby young you can do any thing! My hubby and i had our first baby at 20 (i know i know not teenage years lol) but he is now a fully quilified electrition and we couldnt be happier we now have a 4 year old a two year old and hopefully one on the way fingers crossed


DakotasMom - April 14

You are exactly right corinne. I've even heard that there are some colleges with dorms where your kids can live with you too. Anyone know if this is true?


young_mum_2_b - April 15

i live in australia and almost every adult i know is trying to tell me that i have ruined my life and i will never be able to do anything now that i'm having a baby. at the moment i'm doing my second last year at home, am attending a young mum's cla__s at uni (college) and i work on weekends...i'm determined to become a qualified accountant even with having a baby and i'm glad someone is finally believing that we are capable of fulfilling our dreams instead of always telling us we're never going to amount to anything....thanks really made me feel better about what i'm doing!!


shaz82 - April 15

young mum to be where in australia are you? Having a baby will not ruin your life it can just make it very very hard if any of you girls want to talk to some one that has just been through there teenage years and has two kids here is my msn address and you can chat to me on there [email protected]


corinne - April 15

I'm glad to see so many positive att_tudes on this subjest. It makes me feel good that there are other people out there that are going to continue their dream of being what they want. Because the more of us who take a stand and actually do it. The more the older people will realize that we can still do what we want as young mums trying to make it. Thank you all for your repsonses and keep it up with your goals its amazing how much better you feel about yourself. Along with everyone else that you know. Out of all my friends I happen to be the only one going to college. And none of them have a child. So it makes me feel better to see that the women who have or are having kids are more goal orriented than the ones who don't have such a big responsability. So good luck to you all and lets continue to prove todays society wrong.


young_mum_2_b - April 16

shaz82 i live in victoria, melbourne


whiskeydog38 - April 17

Hey girls! I'm 15 and still pregnant, 19 weeks. I'm planning on finishing high school. I've had my mind set on finishing since I was little, and now I don't have to do it for just myself. I can do it to show the people that said I wouldn't pa__s that I can do anything I set my mind on doing. And I can do it with or without a child. I also plan on going to college to be a doctor. I wont let anyone ruin my dreams. This child will be my inspiration to finish school and go to college. Then, I can can prove to it that it can do what it sets it's mind on. No matter what others will say.


corinne - April 17

whiskeydog You sound like you really know what you want. It makes me proud to see so many of you going for the goal. I'm proud to say that I have spoken to such wonderful people. Who really know what they want.


mummy2b - April 26

i agree, many people in my life have told me tht haqving a baby is going to ruin my life but im still attending secondary school(im from england) and will shortly be going to college to study health and social care (i want to be a midwife lol) i AM going to achieve it to prove to all these people that have sed things that i can do it and so acn any other teenage/young mum out there so dont give up


Kay - April 26

Having a baby made my life better! I finished school at 16 with grades travelled Australia ( i have travelled Australia while i was pregnant) had my daughter over there , got a place , i did miss my home ( England ) so i moved back with my daughter who was nearly 4 months , i am going out with friends still , i go for lunch with them , once a week go out at night and i am 18 (19 in May). I have done alot more then "older women " could achieve in there life. I have been with my Boyfriend throughout all of this. My daughter is currently 7 months and doing great. I have brought her up a very happy baby so NEVER listen to those that will put you down about how young you are etc , your life DOESNT stop when you have a baby , its just started ! ;)



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