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Tandah - July 11

Is 19 too young to get pregnant? Will my doctor criticize me if I go to talk to him about it?


Tandah - July 11

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and we have been friends for 2 years. We both have jobs, my fiancee has a job right now but has an interview with a better paying job. I babysit from monday-friday. I decided to have a less active and non stressful job because i may be pregnant now. We are living on own our with my bestfriend who has a 13 month old girl. I babysat her once she was born and i always raised my brother who is now 9 years old. Our relationship is great :) We are best friends before we were even going out. We have our moments but who doesn't. i think we are doing great for moving in together.


lilmomma88 - July 11

This message board is for ANYONE and EVERYONE to ask ANYTHING they want about pregnancy! She had every right in the world to ask what she asked! Doesn't matter if we're STRANGERS or not, she wanted OPINIONS! If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything AT ALL!!! Tandah, no, your doctor won't criticize you for wanting to be pregnant. He might tell you it would be wise to wait, but he won't be rude like these girls. It's up to you, if you feel emotionally, financially and physically ready to have a baby, and your fiancee and you have talked about it, then that's your choice. I would honestly say wait because I'm 17 and just had a baby and even though my boyfriend and I live with my parents and don't pay any rent, it's STILL harder than hell to afford our son's needs. With you living on your own and paying bills I bet it will be even harder for you. Of coarse my son was an accident, but I love him more than life. A baby is something special and you really want to make sure you and your man are going to be together for the rest of your lives. Who knows if my boyfriend and I are meant to be, I don't. I hope we are! But anyways, good luck..and keep me updated! Talk to you later.


newmommy20072007 - July 12

um people on this board have issues!!! no one has the damm right to say some mean c___p to someone else. if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. i am 17 years graduated high school early i'm in college and graduating early in january i OWN my townhouse with my boyfriend and we both have good well paying jobs to support this baby and ourselves. And you ladies call yourself sensible and mature by putting other people down. ha ha RIGHT! keep telling yourself that ok. and tandah, if you feel like you can support this child and that you're ready to take this life long journey, then you go girl. a child is ablessing. can't believe some of these women call themselves mothers' they should be ashamed of themselves and go ahead and leave this website.


erenimi - July 12

Tandah, i got pregnant when i was 19. I love my baby to death, but life is very very hard. My mother kicked me out of my house and i was lucky enough to have a man who stuck by my side. Every day is a struggle. Your whole life changes. its not about you anymore, its about your child. You don't get to eat when you want, sleep when you want, or even shower when you want. Getting ready to go anyhwhere takes and extra 1/2 hour and then when you get there they cry, or in the car they cry, and sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. If you want to go out with friends you need to find a sitter, if you want to work you need a sitter, if you want to go to school you need a sitter. For the first two months you are up every 2-3 hours at night, ususally for an hour at a time. Pregnancy destroyed my body, and now i'm working hard to get it back, but there isn't time. Just wait untill you have the money, and the house, and the carrer, and the doting hubby.


PrettyShadows - July 14

I plan to get pregnant when i am 19 too. Well that's when i plan to start trying! Me and my partner both want children now (We are both 17) we have been together for over two years and have a stable relationship but he thinks we should wait until i have finished college. Which will be when i am 19. I think he's probably right, but you know what the 'baby bug' is like, it hurts not to be pregnant when you want it so badly!! I say good luck to you! as long as you and your partner can support and care for your child then that is one hell of a good life!


PrettyShadows - July 14

Oh, and your doctor may explain to you the benefits of waiting until you are older but is paid not to criticize you. Once he realises it is something you are determined to do then he will only have the choice to help you! After all, you're legally old enough to have s_x, get married, drive and drink (In the UK) so why not be old enough to start a family?! A child is a blessig and i wish you every happiness! Keep me posted hun!



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