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durante baby - November 2

I have tickets to go to S.E.M.A (Epecialty Equipment Market Association) this week. My father use to take me all the time when i was a kids so i assumed it would be fine to take my kids. I asked my best friend and he said "NO THEY CANT GO TO THAT, and I dont know if I want to go if you attempt to take them". he is a major Car fanatic so he doesnt think that the kids should be anywhere where there are expensive vehicals. (he doesnt have kids obviously) Well anyways I have been trying to call and look up EVERYWHERE if they can go or not, and i cant find a single thing. I really dont know if he is just saying that cause he doesnt think the kids should go, or if he really does know for a fact that they can not go. Anyone know anything about this? especially newbaby cause i know you guys have to go to shows like S.E.M.A...Well anyways if you guys could even try to help me research it. maybe you will find somthing i dont...I just keep googleing , sema, las vegas, i am dumb with computers.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - November 3

I don't know 100% but I'd say they CAN go. I thought I couldn't take my daughter to a convention but I found out I actually could.


V9653 - November 3

This whole situation is really weird!!! First off if you went as a kid and your dad didn't have you disguised as a midget salesman then I'd guess kids are allowed unless in the last 10-15 years some kids bombed the place so they are banned for life. I'd look on the information or flyers or website for the event, and if there is a rule that says no one under _______ then you know, if they have ticket prices by age then you know kids are allowed. Other than that legally unless they say no kids, then you have every right to bring kids unless their is a safety or moral issue that you as a mother need to consider. You're right, that friend of yours doesn't have kids and it's hard for people like that to imagine kids belonging anywhere but home or chuck e cheeses. Good luck.


amanda17 - November 3

I don't know about SEMA in particular, but I've been to like car shows around here. There are always loads of kids, they even sell like ice cream cones and stuff for them. I don't see why they couldn't go... It would be kind of unfair if they couldn't go. You can bring kids into a movie theater when they cry through the whole thing, and you can take them to museums were they can knock down the 80 billion year old dinosaur skeleton... I don't see why cars would be any different.


durante baby - November 3

Yes when I was a kids I was allowed to go but their was 3 differences then 1 it was like 15 years ago 2. It was in california not las vegas that we use to go, and 3. back then you didnt need a buisness license to go...So anotherwards it is a business convention....I dont know I already decided that if they cant go then i am not going. Sionce i have been out of work I have loved all the time I get to spend with them and I know Dante would go crazy just knowing he was going to look at those cars. So i will feel guilty seeing them without him



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