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midnight_drift - July 4

Hello, yes as you all know I am pregnant, about 18 weeks now. My husband is being deployed to iraq in three months, but left for new jersey fort dix for training. (He left today btw, no 4th of July to spend with him..) So I had a few questions. Am I still able to go to my regular OBGYN? He accepted public aide (the free health insurance for people who can't afford regular health insurance.) And can I go to a regular hospital to get my ultrasound done? Also can I go to my psychologist? Does anyone know how much this costs etc? Because apparently the closest medical treatment for military is in Waukeagan, and that is a very-very long drive for me. I don't know what to do. My husband isn't helping me -at all-. Any information girls? It would be extremely appreciated.!!!!!!


numba1cutie6t9 - July 4

My husband left for Iraq when i was about 14 weeks. I know ur situation very well. TRicare pays for all maternity care(wherever u go) Under standard or of course under prime. UR hospital stay will cost about 13 dollars a night. and youd have to call them and ask about a psych apts. Im guessing theyd pay..but if ur not in a tricare area they wont pay for all of it. I pay 20 percent for drs visits now that Im not pregnant anymore and im also under standard. Ive been through what ur gonna hve to go through. If u have any more questions feel free to ask


midnight_drift - July 5

Yeah, what do I do to put the newborn under Tricare? And thank you -so- much for that


numba1cutie6t9 - July 5

when the babies born u apply for a social security card. when u get both the birth certificate and the ssc in teh mail go to the deers office..and enrol the baby in there first..and then go to tricare. theyll answer ur questions and enroll the baby :-) I JUST did that last week lol


aelith - July 6

just make sure that whatever you do, call tricare before you go anywhere else to just confirm that they will cover the expenses. that is always the best thing to do


Bailey2786 - August 7

frist you should be Tricare prime if your husband is about to be deployed to iraq... tricare is excepted at alot of different doctors offices!


midnight_drift - August 7

Yeah, everything is covered, excpet the hospital billed my Ultrasound incorrectly so they were like "You have to pay this" but I called the hospital they re-billed it the right way, so I don't have to pay a cent. But what happens next year when my husband gets back? Do I still have coverage??


numba1cutie6t9 - August 7

yep. aslong as ur under tricare prime they pay everything aslong as its a military treatment facitility



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