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thatgirl22 - November 21

me and my boyfriend have been trying to concieve, the first day of my ovulation we had s_x for the first time in 2 days and he c_mmed inside me, we had s_x around 10am, and we kept my hips up and elevated for about an hour, i laid my back on the floor and kept my body completely up on the bed so i was tilted almost upside down for about a half hour and i laid there the remained of the time till about 1, so a total of 3 hours before i got up and got it out at all. The next day i had this extremely light almost undetectable cramp by my belly button, so light it didnt even hurt just a weird feeling, its been about 4 to6 days since that, thinking we were unsuccessful i made the dumb choice of drinking the other night, usually i can hold my liquer well and i rarely puke, this time i took some shots and after drinking for less than a hour i was in the bathroom doubeled over in pain, sweating really bad, over heated, but i couldnt puke just a had a horrible pain in my stomach ive never had before, im also tired alot more and have been sleeping in till 12 the past few days when im normally up by 8am, do you think that this early just days after these could be possible signs? and any opinions of the probability of what we did on the first day of ovulation and me concieving, im wondering what the odds were that we were successful i really need anwsers guys:-/


tish212 - November 21

u could be yes....don't worry bout the drinking thing though a lot of women drink early on whe they don't realize they r pregnant...and this soon the baby isn't getting its nutrition from that's safe. don't stress though just incase u r that way it sticks :) hopefully since u want it u r! gl and keept us posted...u can begin to test 2 weeks after u 2 bd'd.... try a first response may come out light but readable


AddysMummy - November 21

Well a lot of women drink and don't know that they are pregnant so it shouldn't upset you, but there is a chance that you are pregnant, you can test 10dpo that is what I did and I got a positive, if you get a negative don't stress it, wait awhile and do it again.


EMMA2 - November 22

Tish just because the embryo isn't feeding off the mother doesn;t mean it's ok or safe. This is not something you have any right to disclose since you are NOT a dr. yes, you could very well be pregnant but for your information you only ovulate once a cycle so youre statement of "the first day of my ovulation" makes no sense . What i think you meant was your 1st fertile day.


PreciousBaby19 - November 23

I believe emma that even though tish is not a doctor she is trying to ease the worry of this girl. It is true that you can have alcohol in early pregnancy (some of those who dont know they are pregnant) and the baby turns out to be healthy and happy. No one on this site is a doctor and she is giving out knowlege based on the information she knows. You aren't a doctor either so your information isn't always correct. And the first dayof your ovulation could be the first fertile day of her ovulation cycle and in fact she may ovulate once. However you information is wrong again, you can ovulate twice in a cycle even though it is very rare and happens 24 hours after the first. In fact when you get a positive OPK you aren't actually ovulating..yo get you LH surge that time and then ovulated anywhere from 24 to 48 hours afterwards. So there are many days to ovulation which i believe is what this girl meant. to the OP you should be fine. Most women have early drinks in the first trimester without even knowing they are pregnant and then turn around and the baby be absolutly fine. Sometimes you can get an early test at about 9dpo but most women get it around 10 to 12dpo. I would suggest you test whenever you feel comfortable. The earlier you test however the more of a chance you will get a negative but stay calm and just repeat the test. If you dont get pregnant this cycle. There is always next one. Goodluck!!


EMMA2 - November 23

it is not a question of whom had a baby in the past and it turned out fine. To generalize and make sure a__sumptions is just ridiculous to say the least.


PreciousBaby19 - November 23

We aren't making a__sumptions. Most doctors say that a baby is fine when they have been drinking before they know they are pregnant. Sure its not always the case but its more common that the baby turns out to be alright in most circ_mstances. Everyone is giving their best advice...if she wants to go and see a doctor i'm sure they are giong to say either the same thing, or there isn't much they can tell her. Shes looking for comfort. Sure its not safe like tish stated...but the baby will probably be fine if she is pregnant.


tish212 - November 23

I didn't say hey drink everyday it will be fine...what I said is exactly what any Dr will tell u not to worry its ok...a lot of woman drink early in pregnancy cuz thy don't know....and yes their babies turn out fine which is why a Dr would say it would be ok....there is enough to stress about during pregnancy and to add the fear that her baby would be messed up is unfounded.


PreciousBaby19 - November 23



durante baby - November 23

I have to agree with tish. I found out I was pregnant with my first son 3days after my birthday. I was with family and had a couple drinks...nothing too much. After haveing a miscarriage just a month and a half prior. When I found out I was pregnant, I was going nuts because of the drinks I had a few nights before. The dr reasured me in the same way Tish & Pb have. My dr was telling me there are girls who dont realize they are pregnant til they are about 5months, and drink all the way up til they found out, and have still had happy healthy babies....ThatGirl-I think as long you stop until you find out if you are or not, then everything will be okay, just dont make a habit out of drinking when you are unsure if you are pregnant or not.


Kitalj07 - November 24

I think it's a strong possibility that u could be....


EMMA2 - November 24

PB no one was talking to you. Although your so quick to jump in and a__sume I'm actually speaking to you. This was directed to tish. Nevermind what most drs. say. The fact of the matter is , YOU do NOT know whose baby will be fine or not. Some people here take info and run with it .


GimmeaBub - November 24

thatgirl, you can probably start testing a coupla days before your period is due, so goodluck, and i like the other girls said dont worry too much about the alcohol alot of women drink and smoke before they even know they are pregnant. However my dr did tell me when preapring for pregnancy start taking prenatal vitams, things like ciggarettes and drinking it's good if you can try and give it up just while your ttc, but wait one month before and give up. I seen many of women who have drunk and smoked through pregnancy although its not advised at the moment relax and you should be fine. Goodluck Hunny and Baby Juice


PreciousBaby19 - November 24

Emma. I dont carei f you were talking to me or not. We aren't doctors so yes the information we give out is best guess. Shes not saying whos baby will be fine and whos wont. shes just going to repeat what any doctor will say. Of course shes going to run with it...because she came here. If she wanted to stress more about it then she would have gone to see a doctor. We are giving her the best information we can. Stop taking things and b__wing them out of purportion. shes saying the same thing as us but in a simpler way.


tish212 - November 24

I'm not going to waste my time arguing with her. she just injects fear into people..saying you don't know who's baby is going to be fine or not...she doesn't need people to point that out b/c women automatically stress about that when they are pregnant...but why should I add to this poor girls stress? I said what I said and I won't take it back...b/c I know it was the right statement for me to make.


AddysMummy - November 24

It is childish to have drank yet trying to conceive. Does anyone else get this?? Because no matter what doctor says, here is still a small chance a baby could get FAS. No MATTER how little of a drink. It drives me insane that you are advocate her drinking all because she didn't know, SHE WAS TRYING TO GET PREGNANT AND DRANK!


PreciousBaby19 - November 24

She thought she was unsussesful addysmummy and we aren't condoning it..but whats happened has happened and she doesn't need the extra stress. thats not good for the baby either. I mean..i'm TTC and when i thought i was unsucessful i had a couple of drinks once. When i had spotting but thought it was my can happen.



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