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Liz123 - December 19

Hey everyone, im back again. Only now without a belly. I have some good news. But if you dont remeber me, here's what happend, I got pregnant at the age of 17 right now im 18 and I deliverd triplets 1 boy and 2 girls. Its been one h__l of a ride, im a single mother, and I deliverd by c-section, 1 month earlier. So I wanna introduce to you my childeren: Keano (Oldest), Julia Lynn (# 2) and of course my youngest Summer (# 3) Im very proud, even though there have been moments that i thought i wouldn't been able to make it. Oh and they were born on december 16th 2007. I hope that your childeren or child brings you just as much happenes as mine did. I dont regret my descion, but im not sure if i would get pregnant at the age of 17. I wanna thank every one for the most amazing and best help and support that i could get. Of course if you ever need me to answer some quistions just let me know im happy to answer them. I wanna wish every one a merry christmas and the best for 2008! Lots of love, Liz!


PreciousBaby19 - December 19



Teddyfinch - December 19

congrats liz and have a great christmas and a happy new year


babylove4 - December 19

Wow that's amazing!!! Not 1 but 3's, They all sound healthy : ) ...Stay strong & Blessing to You & Your's....


kendra.marie - December 19

wow your home already where we live we are in teh hospital 5 days after a c section thats odd; unless your not home yet. congrats 3 would be a joy =] have fun & congrats. merry xmas


HeavenisMine - December 19

Wow, that b__ws my mind! Three babies! Triple congratulations to you


jennifer_33106 - December 20

Get all the baby having outta the way at one convienant time! Way to go you! haha Congrats on your new family!


Liz123 - December 21

Hello, No, were not home yet. But i do have internetconection in the hospital. Ill be staying around 5 days. Keano and Julia Lynn are healthy but Summer is having troubles. But she is getting better by the minut. Im proud too and thank you very much. Have a good christmas and a happy new year! Love, Liz, Keano, Julia Lynn & Summer!


HavensMommy - December 21

Hi you dont kno me but your babies were born on my birthday!!!....Love the Names


Liz123 - January 21

Thank you, I could never have done this with out the help of every one here. So now im gonna help others. Oh and congrats, its a beautifal date, to be born on. Were finally home and feeling great, all three of them are doing great. Again thanks.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 21

Have any pics of them? How much did they each weigh?


tish212 - January 22

hmmm..... that's it hmmmm


Kayla32 - January 24

were you really pregnant, because it sounds strange that you would have a c section and be on computer so soon, I worked in a hospital, and there is no computer access to patients, and after all I have had 3 c sections and even up to 5 days later am so sore and cant even walk properly, this is suspicious


Krissy25 - January 24

I just want to say to Kayla that the hospital i delivered at had wireless access and we brought a laptop and i was able to get on the internet. Also i had a c-section too and i was able to walk around a little just 2 days later, everyone heals differently.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 24

Not saying its fake, just saying when did you bring them home? My aunt had triplets and she said they were in the hospital for 2 months because each of them were under 3lbs. Never knew anyone from my experience who took their babies home so soon (well 3 of them) and I know 3 sets of triplets


faithhopelove - January 24

Do you have aim or anything I could talk to you on? Congratulations!!!


sugar - January 25

Not to be rude but I would suggest to the people who don't belive a story to not put a reply at all or at least give the bennefit of the doubt and just say congrats. Imagine how hurt you would be posting your story and people starting to question it and almost state they don't belive you. Not only in this case would it ruin your wonderful buzz but it's insulting to someone who's telling the truth to be compared to certain liars that do frequent the forum, it's not like she's trying to start an argument. I'm from the first tri board and am reading random threads while on my 10 hour shift at work. All the best to you and your babies.



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