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KJ - December 14

im 16 years old and me and my boyfriend are trying to concieve a baby weve been trying for almost a year me not getting pregnant does it have to do with us smoking marijuana and ciggs because i really want a child so can someone help me PLEASE


$weetne$$ - December 14

why do u feel the need to try for a baby at such a tender age? do u feel as though something is missing from your life? are u married? have u finished school? do u have a stable job? or a place to live? if you dont i think you should re-think your decision.....try and think dat you not getting pregnant at dis age is an act of fate and go out and enjoy ur life even jus for 2-4 years more....ALSO do u no the effects of weed and ciggarettes have on an unborn baby??? i think you are jus thinking about ur self at da moment and not thinking in the long run....cos could u really deal wid a baby born wid an addiction? i would say re-think your decision right now...


rg - December 14

Oh get a life you druggies. No one should be trying to bring a child into the world when they are dependent on drugs. Grow up and stop taking drugs, then think about ahving kids sadact.


Erika - December 14

Why in the hell would you want a child and you smoke. You to dam young and I am tired of little girls on her talking bout they want babies. Half of ya'll can't even take care yourself. Babies are not easy to raise and their not cheap either. Why don't you'll finish school and get a job, move out from your momma, and make something of yourself. Slow down!!!!!!!!!!!


Lisa - December 14

It's painfully obvious that you are NOT ready to have a child. I think you are being very foolish. Keep smoking all the weed and f__gs you like, but don't bring a child into this world while you are actively using drugs. The THC in dope could have serious effects on your child and you will have to live with yourself, do you really want that??


T - December 14

It probably has a lot to do with the fact that teenage girls are not that fertile because their bodies are not ready to have babies. I know that there are a LOT of teenage moms out there, but there are a lot more adult moms. Marijuana and cigarettes WILL cause birth defects which no teenager should have to handle. You might even be getting pregnant and losing the baby over and over because of it. Nobody here-except possibly other teenagers who think like you do-will give you advice on how to get pregnant because it is a bad idea. Especially because of the drug use, though I think you already know that or you wouldn't have mentioned it. Please talk to a Dr and get some REAL information on what a teen pregnancy will do to your life.


lisa - December 15

Please wait until you are older and married. Enjoy being young and not having to worry about all that only get to do it once! God will send you a baby when its the right time.


catherine - December 17

i think its disgusting that u want 2 bring a child into a world where its parents r smoking marijuana. i am happy that u cant conceive!


addy - December 19

I got pregnant two weeks before I turned 17. And I guess in a way we were trying but I smoked cigg. and pot and it didn't stop me from getting pregnant and now that I am I wish I wasnt One thing I wish I would have asked myself was if I had a baby tommorow would I be able to raise him? That is something u should ask ur self and if I was you I would try to wait a little while because you have not even had time to trully experience life like going to clubs hanging with friends or just u and ur boyfriend jumping in the car riding around for hours going nowhere trust me that will all stop. But you are just like me a hardheaded teen that if u have something that you really want your not going to listen to me or anyone else for that matter, as I read at the bottom all these people putting you down its not like you couldnt stop when you do become pregnant well i still havent stoped smoking ciggs. and im 7 and a half months look if you would like to talk to somebody who wont put you down my email is [email protected]



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