Trying To Get Pregnancy

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la_lozada - November 22

me and my boyfirend want a babe but he is 15 and i am 14 we want a babe we think about and know that is going to be hard of us .we know peopel r goint to thonk thing but i don't know if we shold havw a babe?


AddysMummy - November 22

Grow up first. You are only 14, to purposefully have a baby at that age is childish, because you are only thinking about what YOU want, and you are not thinking of the wellbeing of the child. A child is a huge responsibility, going through being pregnant is tough as it is. Then when the baby is born. You will have to rely on others because you will not make enough money to support a baby at 14 & 15. I mean you haven't even finished school yet. Wait until you are older, at least until you graduate HS so that you can think about it and make a more informed decision. Making one now all because you "want one" is childish. Many kids your age "want things" a baby isn't just a present you can play with then stop playing with when you feel like. A baby needs love, it's mother, CONSTANT attention.. CARE. You're not old enough to make an informed decision about having a baby or not, and what it TAKES to have a baby.


tish212 - November 22

I agree with addysmummy....besides that before you decide to have a child you need to learn how to speak if you yourself cannot speak properly how do you expect to teach a child anything? Babies aren't toys they aren't like a puppy where if u decide you don't want it you can give it to the pound, its a real human being that deserves better than being "raised" by a 14 year old girl who's parents would be the ones raising it and taking care of it since you have no way to provide for a child. To have a baby now would be irresponsiable....especially since your parents would have to raise it...and if your parents wanted another child to raise they'd have their own. Don't be a fool and run out and get pregnant because you think its the cool thing to do. That's just childish in its own. I also will not apologize for my att_tude towards this post because I am sick of seeing threads like want something to take care of get a hampster....go back to school and learn proper language and grammer.


Grandpa Viv - November 22

Your English is improving rapidly. Congratulations for making the effort to learn. The most important job you will ever have is to bear and raise children. If you wait a while (a good long while) your chances of doing it without regrets will improve enormously. Good luck!


durante baby - November 22

haha! Granpa viv is the best! Everything that can be said has been on this matter


durante baby - November 22



EMMA2 - November 22

wait !!! wait!!! wait!!! what are you thinking? Oh yeah you aren't thinking at all. Do you have any idea what it takes to raise a child? Do you know you will never go to parties, go to the movie, have sleep overs, date when you want? A child will demand your every waking moment and every penny you have. Stop talking non sense get an education 1st and then worry about trying educate another human being. For the love of god what is happeing to our youngsters!!!!!!!!!


PreciousBaby19 - November 23

Honey, I understand why some people are really giving you tough love here. And i know seeing it is gonna make you feel kinda worthless and low. However they are right, you comoe here and ask for opinions from teens and adults who have been in your shoes. I think it is wise to listen to them and wait until your Body, mind, education is complete, you get a nice house or apartment, and find someone you truley want to spend the rest of your life with. You dont get to have a baby for a little while why its uget the whole 18 year package. You wont be able to go out on dates with your boyfrien or just go out to parties. You will miss a big chunk of your lilfe. Having a child is the most wonderful thing in the world and I can understand that you ould want that joy in your life but you aren't ready. And i think you know that too. otherwise you ouldn't have come here and asked for advice. I think that you should open up a communication with your parents and maybe if you can't talk to them about this then see a specialist for therapy to help you understand why you want this the way you do. Goodluck and i'm here i you need to talk.


lunamoo - November 23

I am goint to thonk sinks zo post eh anuddah fake!


jennifer_33106 - November 23

Get a puppy!!


jennifer_33106 - November 23

I wanted to add, that there is no way someone could be that stupid when it comes to grammer. I mean there are some people who are but haha "Trying to get pregnancy?" babe=baby? Yeah not falling for it. LOSER!!! *puts L to forehead*


jezebel1018 - November 23

lmaooo at get a puppy...hilarious! perfect advise, raising a puppy is just like having a 2 year old....all sorts of their own ideas and way of thinking and still completely dependent on least my shih-tzu is like that anyway


jennifer_33106 - November 23

Then she should have typed in spanish. I highly doubt it. You prolly just gave her an excuse though. haha This is one of those threads posted because someone isnt getting the love they need at home and need attention. haha I am not attacking you Nerdy, I really am not, but haha this is ridiculous. I am not playing grammer police but haha some people like to look stupid and to be honest, it makes all teen parents look illiterate when someone posts things like this. If this is a real post, THEN GO BACK TO ESCUELA!!!!


lunamoo - November 23

Muy bien, con mi espanol. que dice la mujer???


jennifer_33106 - November 23

haha I cant help myself. "Edumacation: Gonna learn me a book!" haha


AddysMummy - November 23

I can speak and type Spanish, but when someone is speaking straight to me I understand it a LOT better. It is too hard for me to type it, because my words become jumbled, and it is too hard to speak it because I sound like an idiot.;


tish212 - November 23

jenn u crack me up I really laughed hard at the gonna learn me a no response to this post from the creator though so I'm gonna guess....fake. guess she no wunt a babe she joz wunt sum atinshun... (lol that was hard to come up with)



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