TTC At 17

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Luvnjake06 - June 1

I'm 17 my boyfriends 18..we want a baby really bad now hes goin to college and hes gettin a not goin to school..i dont really have a social life and i could care less about that too..i think stayin at home is more funner then goin out and partyin goin to the mall or something else like that..I was wondering..what can i do to help me get pregnant?


krista-lee - June 1

for one, you should wait until your boyfriend is graduated college or atleast has a good job, both of you should have a good job, babies are NOT cheap. just to let you know, no one will answer you with ways to get pregnant. its never smart if you are 17 and TRYING to have a baby.


Luvnjake06 - June 1

Maybe i should have explained..My dads got something wrong with him my boyfriend has a pretty good job and hes the one who decided to ttc..My mom is gettin up in age..we want my dad to see his grandchild before something happens and we want my mother to have energy so she can play with her granchild


krista-lee - June 1

so you want a baby so your parents can see it? you cant plan your life around them. im sure they'd rather see you go to college and graduate and have a good life before they want you to be a teen mother. and if they are both sick/old/something wrong they wont be helping and if your boyfriend decides its too much you'll have no one to help you.


Liezel - June 1

I totally agree with krista-lee. Your parents won't be around forever... and heaven forbid it... but what if something happen to your BF then you would have to fend for yourself and the baby. The best thing you can do is get yourself an education... so that if need be... you could support yourself and your child with a well paying job and you would also be a great example for your future child.


Emma2 - June 1

Here we go again !!! another crazy idea ! Guys i am sorry but I cant understand how you would plan this and think everything in life will go as YOU plan! Life doesnt work that way! You should have a child when you are both financially stable and BOTH have an education and have it for yourself not for other people.


frankschick2001 - June 1

It doesn't sound like you have much of a life at all and think a baby will give you one. Don't you have any outside interests or hobbies? Aren't you pa__sionate about anything? What if you found out you could not have kids? What is YOUR life plan? Are you a couch potato? And having children doesn't mean you get to have "more funner" times at home. You'll be busy all day long! So if you are not working or going to school because you are just lazy, having a baby is definitely NOT for you!


Mommy - June 1

Many teens fail to remember that when you have a baby, the are only a baby for a while. You have a baby for about a year, THEN you get toddler, child, teen and adult. Most teens who TTC forget that it's not just dressing it up in cute clothes and showing it off to friends. It's numerous doctor appointments, sleepless nights, chasing and having an empty wallet. Babies get sick, they have tantrums, they grow up and rebel against you, you spend pretty much all your time worrying about them. It's all great if you are mature enough and want a baby, but when you are a teen planning a pregnancy you usually don't look any further than buying cute clothes and playing house. You forget it's a lifelong commitment.


LaurenKaylyn17 - June 13

You know, this really depresses me. I am 17, same age as yourself... I am 14 weeks pregnant and my parents are kicking me out this weekend. You should consider yourself lucky, you have a life, you can have everything you want and do anything you want. I am having the hardest time right now. Girls like you really have no idea... I hate this c___p.


kayla_shauntel_05 - June 15

Mommy, you are so right. I am 18 years old and have an almost three week old daughter. It is hard and stressful. Having a baby will not give you a life, odds are after you have the baby you will want to go out and do things and wont be able to.


midnight_drift - June 19

I wont try to say anything mean, but you're young to want to have a baby. You need to look at it this way, they -will- grow up. They need constant attention, money, care, and you need to be mentally stable and financially stable. Saying you are doing this for your family doesn't mean anything. If it is what Y-O-U want, then it is different. The way you are saying those things, makes me think you only want a baby to take up your time, etc. But it wont turn out like that. I am 15 weeks pregnant, and I am 17. Yes, I am loving every minute of this, but you need to look at it from all angles, not just your own.


lilmomma88 - June 19

Girl this is just crazy. I am 17 and my boyfriend is 18 and we went through a little phase of wanted a baby last year.. but we wised up and realized that we are too young. A couple weeks after my 17th birthday we found out that I was pregnant. We haven't even had the baby yet and already we are struggling financially. (Today is my due date). The facts about your parents are no excuse for wanted to get pregnant. Wait until your financially, emotionally, and physically ready to have a baby. Trust me, you are none of those things even if you think you are. At 17 you are still developing yourself. Take it from a young mom..waiting is best!


adensmama - June 19

When is your next period?



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