TTC At 17

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Kimi - October 10

Hi i am 17 well 18 in a week and my boyfriend is 25 we had a pregnancy scare a few weeks ago it ended up i had false positive tests. but it wasnt a scare at all. my mom was excited and my dad was ok with it too and it was the most amazing feeling with my boyfriend, we love eachother very much. once i found out that i wasnt preg we were all very disappointed so we had a long discussion and my mom is going to help out so that i can go to school and have my baby. this is amazing. i just have to wait a little before we start trying but i bought an ovulation test kit today.


Savanah - October 10

Well good luck in trying. Hopefully it happens sooner than later! Honestly, I didn't find it that hard to go to school with my daughter, because we had a teen parent program in our district. But anyway, don't let that hold you back, especially if you're ready.


Kimi - October 10

thatnkyou for your support we are ready and i cant wait! we talk about it every night and we are both so excited!


honest - October 10

That is amazing that even though you are young, your parents are standing by your side. I must say, that do not get your hopes up when it doesnt happen as soon as you would think. Allot of girls, trying to have babys, will end up having quite a bit false pregnnacys until when they are about to give up, that is when it hapens. I hope that you do have a sucessfull pregnancy and just because you are young, do not let it stop you. There will be alot of negitivty going around when it comes to your post, but do not let that bring you down!


Monique - October 10

Man I wish all parents were that supportive and wanted that to happen. I wish you the best of luck though, if I found a guy who was interested in that topic as much as i am i'd b happy. I'm 18 too.


amanda - October 10

Kimi, I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone. I am almost 18 my husband is 24 and we are trying. it has been about 20 months, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen right away. Even if it doesn't happen as soon as you hope atleast you will have fun trying lol. well anyway Goodluck!


YAY kimi - October 12

that is soo good...good luck mang!


CAROL - October 12

Hi Kimi, I'm trying to conceive as well. Have you considered using a turkey baster? I know it sounds ridiculous, but I find it's much easier on my body, and I don't have to put up with "the daily grind" from my boyfriend.


... - October 12

wot is TTC plzzz i dont no lol???


Desperate - October 12

It means Trying To Conceive.


To Carol - October 12

You seriously have got to be kidding me. A turkey baster...whatever. If you really are doing that, then that is absolutley disgusting and if you don't now, you will have a nice infection in your "area" pretty soon. Your stupid and nasty. Please, plesae don't ever reproduce. :o)


CAROL - October 13

Why would a turkey baster infect my v____al area? If anything, a man's p___s is more likely to introduce infection.


Kimi - October 14

thank you all so much for your support i really appreciate it. and good luck to all those trying to concive! ***BABY*DUST**** to us all !!!!!!!


- October 17



Sarah - October 18

I think you are still young, your b/f might be ready at his age, but i still think you should wait a couple of years


Kimi - October 21

you may be right we have been talking bout it and we are looking for an apartment so i think we will figure this out and then my school situation or not and then talk some more


to kimi - October 21

kimi do u have msn messenger, im in the exact same boat as u and could do with the support!! I've been using OPK's too!



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