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Ella Bella - August 31

I am 20 years old, i had my first baby when i was 18. I got pregnant when taking the pill as i was on injections for an illness, and those injections affected the pill. Now my baby is 2 years old. I am now 24 weeks pregnant again (this time by choice) but have found out that i am having twins!!! Does anyone have any advice on having twins!!! My partner and I are excited, but also worried that we wont cope!!!


Shorty - August 25

I don't really know, but Congratulations!! That is amazing!! You and your parner will be fine. You already have a healthy 2 year old, you can do anything!


! - August 27

This isn't really teenage pregnancy Ella, so you're probably better off putting this in the general forum.


Rokko - August 28

u will do fine! cing as u got the 2yr old it wont b 2 hard.


Mary - August 28

Ella Bella: My sister as well as two of my girlfriends are proud mothers of healthy twins (so I have 3 sets of twins in my life). They all also have other children too. Anyway, they all said that their sets of twins were actually smaller than their regular babies and that after the first baby comes out the second one you really don't feel. Anyway, all the twins seemed to eat and sleep at the same time as their twin until they were over about 1 year old. At about 1 year old they developed minds of their own and wanted different things as well as wanting to go different directions. They all stated that you do have to be carefully because as they get old one twin tends to dominate the other twin meaning...........the dominate twin will try to speak for the other & kind of mother them, the dominate twin is more outgoing & will try to take attention away from the quieter one. Besides two of everything! You'll do great & Congrats!


Sam - August 29

Congrats-is your 2 year old looking forward to the babies?? :-D


Ella Bella - August 31

Thanks for all your support guys :) I guess i just need rea__surance that i will be okay :) it is hard being a mother for one child, BUT THREE!!! I am sure things will go well, anyway staying positive :) Just found out they are both girls :) Now to choose two names not just one!!! My two year old - Isabella pats my tummyand puts her ear to it as she thinks that since there is two babies, they will be talking to each other!!! She i cute, but I am not sure how she will react when they are born, i can sense jealousy wll be present, especially with two of them :)



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