TWINS Huge Handfull

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kirsty - May 1

hi i have twins who are 6 days old, A boy and a girl, gorgous and fun is what most people think, think again, im 16 and had to leave school. they are a handfull to look after, THINK before you have unprotected s_x!!!!!!!! if ya wana chat id love to cause im bein admited to hosp soon cause im anorexic from the stress. so i could use a couple of friends cause i am alone, i have NO ONE!!!! Kirsty.


Aussie Beck - May 2

Gosh! Twins!!!! I have a hard enough time looking after one baby let alone two! I have a 4 mth old little girl and I had a very hard time just after she was born (still do some days) - very stressed and not able to eat at all because i felt so sick with worry all the time. I didn't bond with her right away and I felt just awful. I know that my experience doesn't even compare to yours but I'm willing to lend an 'ear' if you need one. I'm older than you (26) so I don't know if you would rather talk to someone your age but if you want to you can email me at: [email protected]


Aussie Beck - May 2

P.S: What did you name your little ones? Where are you staying? I'll be thinking of you!


kirsty - May 5

hi their names are zeth marshall and amali brittney, i have my own appartment!!


shesdymed - May 6

email me so we can talk. i have lots of quetons and comment :) . im 16 and pregnant.. confsed yet excited but i know its a handful .. email me [email protected]


Corrine321 - May 6

Wow, twins! I'm 15 and 33 weeks and 5 days pregnant today! and I'm only having one.. a baby girl! If you wanna talk e-mail me or add me to msn: [email protected] XOXO!!


KatieJ - May 14

Wow, that does sound liek quite the handful, my msn is [email protected] if you would like to chat.


Bebita_Linda - May 14

[email protected] just a person u can talk to and congrats and ya`ll make it through


mommydaddy - May 15

Hi I am here if any one care's to talk I am a Woman who would love to Adopt and No I do not just want to talk about that I am looking for a Open Adoption so I can be there with the mom or the mom can come here and then choose adoption but if thats not the case I would like to be your friend as I know what some of you are going through has to be so hard. Email me at [email protected] Thank you


KDQ - May 18

hey..that must be really stressful for you...having twins....if u want 2 chat my email is [email protected]


lucky-star - May 22

hi i am 14 and 7 months pregnant with twins a boy and girl i am petrified [email protected]


les22 - May 22

why the hell did they let you out of hospital in the 1st place if you were anorexic while pregnant ! your babies should be in special care, not home alone with someone who is so ill they need hospital care.


Corrine321 - May 22

Okay lucky star, you seriously have to get ur stories right! seriously.. you think no one can tell its you! look at ur e-mail! stop lying!! you dont have twins.. so why do you say all these lies? are u really that bored in life?



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