Twins On The Way 18 Years Old

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redeem - November 6

This girl I know is 18 years old and she's having twin babies without the father. She also smokes. I was wondering what the risks are for a girl of her age to have multiples on top of the tabacco adiction? Even though I'm not the father, I care for her dearly. Is there anything I can do to help her?


becky - November 6

tell her to stop smoking that cant lead to alot of heath risk for her baby she is stupid if she is smoking when she is pregnant she doesnt seem to care 2 much about her babies if her dumba__s is smoking


redeem - November 6

well it's obvious I have to tell her that, and I do on a daily basis, I'm thinking if I got some facts to point out to her, then she'd actually listen. She's getting rather large now, I'd say she just switched into the third trimester. Is there anything I can do to help her otherwise?


KM - November 6

I'd say do a search on google about the effects of smoking during pregnancy and print it off, read over it with her to let her know you have valid reasons for being concerned. Babies born to mothers who smoke typically have a smaller birth weight and it can also cause pre-term labour. And with multiples you are already at a high-risk for pre-term labour.


redeem - November 6

but knowing how far along she is, it's probably too late for me to do anything with the smoking. Is there anything that I can do for her to make it even the slightest bit easier. I adore her and I'd do anything I could, I just need to know what.


KM - November 6

well, some doctors will advise you to cut back as much as you can, but continue smoking if you are really that addicted because the stresses of withdrawls can harm the mother and baby as well. Depends on what you mean make it easier for her, the pregnancy or quitting smoking?


redeem - November 7

the pregnancy


Leah - November 15

Odds are, one of her children at least will end up with a severe problem later due to her smoking. It may not show up for years, but it will show up. Their DNA will be subjected to many mutations by her smoking, so if one of her children gets childhood cancer odds are it will be due to her smoking now. Any deformaties? It'll be due to her smoking. Parents who smoke should not be allowed their children.


bailey - November 23

Leah who are you to say who should and who shouldnt be allowed their children. You have a bad att_tude and you need a serious reality check. Snap out of it girl everyone is ent_tled to make there own decisions!


guy - November 25

no, I felt the same way about a girl, and you know what, they won't listen to you, even though they got screwed over, they'll think you're still trying to get with him, wtf ever! I don't tend to get with someone that got pregnant by accident. That just isn't responsible and the fact that she smokes!?!? her babies are going to have mental difficulties.


me too - November 25

Trying to get her to quit now would be more determental mentally than anything how about cutting back We all know that cigarette smoking is bad But naming is just as bad.



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