Two Babies In Twelve Months

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Keira - August 23

First off, I want to come clean and say that I am not pregnant nor have been pregnant. I have had three teenage friends (my age) that have become pregnant in the last year, two of which lost their babies. From watching some of their experiences, I've become very interested in the idea of writing a story modeled after them. I am in the process of plotting a story that has to do with a girl in an abusive relationship. She got pregnant on her own accord but with this abusive relationship she becomes pregnant again just a couple of months after her daughter is born. I was wondering if 1) Has this happened to anyone here, and if so could you share your thoughts on the experience with me, 2) How common is this to happen (two pregnancies in one year-ish), and 3) What would YOU do if this happened to you? I would appreciate any information or insight to this that anyone is willing to give me. Thanks.


D - August 23

Thats good that u wanna write a story,


Megan - August 24

4 weeks after I had my son I got pregnant again. My kids are the same age for about 5-6 weeks. It really isn't that bad but its tends to get hard when your 7-9 months pregnant and chasing a baby everywhere and your tired. If you have more questions....feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]


M - August 26

i live in columbia Missouri, and there have been about a teenage girl who had a baby then had a baby 14 months later. She was 16 with her first and 17 with her second, both boys. She was upset about it, she's not going to finish school. Her baby was born about 2 or 3 months ago and she is a busy busy girl. If that was me i couldnt handle it, im scared i cant even handle it with the one im about to have.


stacey - August 27

my cousin had 2 babys in 11 months 1 in september n 1 in aug the following year which means they will b in the same year at skol (in england) she was 14 and 16 wen she had them n she is findin it very hard to cope u can email me at [email protected] if u want and i will give u sum more info


Manda - August 30

I got pregnant with my daughter only two and a half months after having my son, she has not been born yet but chances are I will be lucky if Matthew reaches 1 year before she's born


Natalie - August 31

if i were u i would also look up the biological side of pregnancies that close together. for example, after you have had a baby, your 5 times as likely as before to fall pregnant up until 6 months after the birth. i would also look at the effects on the body and the strains and stresses this causes. This could reference to maybe the girl coping the abuse and the terriblestrain on her body.


Nay - September 3

I got pregnant with my first was 5 months old. She was 14 months old when he was born.


Keira - September 4

Thanks to everyone who has replied. I'll try and get to emailing some of you when I have the chance. It really means a lot to me that those of you who have replied have taken the time to do so. Some of you have quite the amazing story and it really does interest me to know who you all handle it and/or your situations. Again, thank you very much.


Charlotte Marnie - September 4

A friend of mine has a 7 month old son and has just found out she is almost 6 months pregnant... Big surprise! lol Its not really uncommon, because its easier to get pregnant right afteryou give birth


to charlotte - September 4

How could your friend not know she was pregnant for 6 months?


Keira - September 4

It IS strange, but it does happen. Not often, but it does. Sometimes the regular signs of pregnancy just don't show up. It's different, but you can't judge a person by it.


Charlotte Marnie - September 4

With my friend's first pregnancy, she still had periods until her 5th month, and then found out she was 20 weeks. She was also on the pill. This pregnancy, she was on the mini pill, b___stfeeding and still periods, but fpound out again very late. Drs cannot explain why this happens to some people, and that they show neg on tests, both her pregnancies were confirmed by ultrasound


to charlotte - September 5

Thanks for answering my question.I wasn't judging your friend. Just curious. Good luck


Charlotte Marnie - September 5

No problems at all! sorry i didnt mean to sound like I was snapping at you! lol good luck with your book xx



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