Ugh These PP Periods Are Driving Me Crazy

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amanda17 - November 10

So my period came right on time November 5th, but it's been really weird. On the 5th it was a normal flow. On the 6th it was pretty light. On the 7th,8th, and 9th it was like one drop per day Now today I have this disgusting brown discharge. Wth?? I'm still having strong pregnancy signs that are progressively getting worse such as: Nausea, sensitivity to smells, a REALLY freaking bad headache, extremely tired, peeing frequently (though that could just be from the UTI I had a while ago) and some slight food cravings. I don't really want to buy a test without getting your guys' opinion on it first. Has anyone else experienced this?


amanda17 - November 11

Yeah they are really freaking me out haha. It's like every 'time of the month' I question it.


MXchk707 - November 11

I'm in the same boat.. Lemme know what happens. I dont want to test for a few more days just because I am tired of getting BFN's.. Do you want to be pregnant???


amanda17 - November 11

I'm half and half. Now is not the best time for me to get pregnant, but I'd be really happy if I was. Anyway I took a test and it came up negative. I'm probably just overly cautious about the signs I'm having. Are you having irregular postpartum periods too? I have a 5 month old so mine are still pretty unstable.


durante baby - November 11

With Zaiden i didnt even have a real period til febuary and i had him september...thats about all i can say.....but that could have just been from my Endo


amanda17 - November 12

I just wish they'd settle themselves out already. My symptoms are still getting worse so I'm debating seeing a doctor. I feel realllyyy c___ppy.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - November 12

I think you're fine, PP periods can really just be tricky.


V9653 - November 13

Also, you have to remember, strange periods are a sign of wacky hormones. Hormones are what caused sickness in pregnancy-your body is almost like coming down from pregnancy, so the lighter periods may make you sicker because of the imbalance of hormones. Of course ask your doctor, but I'm pretty sure, with you still b___stfeeding, he's going to say it's normal. The b___st feeding stimulates hormones that aren't normal in non-pregnant and normal period having women, so of course your period is wacky. Even when you stop b___stfeeding or start slowing down, you'll notice things still being wacky but you'll notice it start normalizing-heck it took me a year to start having what resembled a normal period, but it wasn't normal month by month or for me. Now my son is going to be two in January and I've only had a normal period for about 4 months-normal on all standards, normal month by month, and somewhat normal for me (I say somewhat cuz I never experienced real cramps until now-and now it's full blast sucky sucky pain!!! Hate it!) I'm sorry it's playing games with you, but that's why I said to keep tests handy, because if you had s_x around a time that would cause you to worry then take that to heart and just pee on a stick, if not then just know it's normal. You shouldn't have SUCH weird symptoms-pregnancy symptoms that is, after you stop b___stfeeding-that'll start dying off once you completely stop. Remember to take your vitamins because Ellie is taking a lot of nutrients from you, and when you are on your period you are losing them-iron mostly and water gets wacked out so make sure you are getting plenty of both and calcium or you will feel really sick! Made that mistake and still do even though the b___stfeeding isn't even in the picture-I still get sick in some way every period because I don't keep up with the iron!! Good luck next month!


amanda17 - November 13

Frick. If my hormones were a person I'd punch them in the face. I'm so used to normal periods, you could practically run a clock by them before. A day after my period ended I started having cramps like it had just started. I'm feeling a little less sick though. We'll see. I hope I don't have the flu.



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