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kel - April 18

hey everyone. i just had this guy over on satuday i really liked. Hes my ex bf and i never got fully over him, bc i lost my virginity to him. We were just messing around, and like he wouldnt get off and he was like i really wanna see what it feels like to have s_x without a condom...i just wanna put it in for like 2 seconds. i was really debating wheather i should let him or not but i did and he was in for seriously about 10 seconds. and i dont know if any pre c_m got inside and it realllly worries me that and now im probably overreacting but like i knpw pre c_m has sperm in it. but i dont even know if there was pre c_m...im just so worried. please help


Krista - April 18

U can get pregnant.. off of Pre c_m.... thats how most pregnancys happen i think!! Well.. jus wait it out.. r u on any kind of B/C? But 10 sec.. thats all it takes.. jus wait a week or so.. and see how u feel.. good luck and if u need to talk e-mail Me [email protected]! Muah


anon - April 18

i seriously recommend you girls educate yourselves about s_x, prec_m does NOT CONTAIN sperm!!!! And MOST pregnacies don't happen from PREc_m. There is a VERY small chance you can become pregnant from prec_m. Before you start to worry or give advice, find out the facts first.


Audrey - April 19

Here is what a medical site has to say on the subject: "Sperm can survive in the male duct work for quite some time. As the sperm get moved along for an ejaculation, some of them stay behind. The next time there is arousal and some preejaculatory secretion occurs, the sperm get trapped in the fluids, and enrich the fluid." So yes, it is very possible to get pregnant from pre-c_m especially if the woman is in her fertile zone.


meredith - April 19

there is a very rare chance, but i am in an anatomy cla__s right now, and we've been studying this. sperm can be in prec_m, one sperm is all it takes, but you need several thousand to several million sperm to really do the trick, dont let him do that again, use a condom everytime!!!



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