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Emma-Jo - July 1

Um, Well, I ovulated around the 17th, Me and my boyfriend had s_x every night from the 15th to the 25th, For a few days now, ive been a bit nauseous, extremely tired and had really sore br___ts. They may be period symptoms. However, Ive been having achey joints, like around my back stomach and hips. Also it feels like theres something in there!! Like when i move its uncomfortable and when i cough or laugh there seems to be a great amount of pressure there, its hard to explain. I never get this before AF comes though? I also noticed the other day there was the tiniest bit of blood in my discharge. Im due on today, I wore a tampon for 6 hours and ((tooo much info!!)) When i took it out there was only 2 tiny spots of blood on it? Is this like spotting or AF coming?! And did anyone else have/having this?


Blackeye - July 1

It may be other things than your period or pregnancy. But if you want to know what is it than go to your doctor or to a clinic. You can take a pregnancytest.


sophandbob - July 1

Firstly, is you were having unprotected s_x then it is highly likely that you could be pregnant. Secondly, you should not be wearing tampons. Tampons in pregnancy is not recommended if you bleed, and secondly, if you are not pregnant, you shouldn't wear a tampon during your period when it is at the early stages, until the 'flow' has established itself, because you can lead yourself open to TSS. I suggest you try a hpt.


Emma-Jo - July 1

Fanx for the advice! I didnt know that about the tampons o_0.


Mandy - July 1

sophandbob - I have never heard before that ur not suppose to wear tampons till the "flow" is established.. i have been using them for almost 13 years! are u sure u got the correct info? and am about 29 weeks preg and when i had some bleeding about 4 weeks ago my doc told me that tampons were ok to wear just had to change them more often.


sophandbob - July 1

i am absolutely positive. it is in the leaflets that come with them - def in the UK ones. It is about using ones to match the flow, you should not use ones which are too absorbant for the time of your period, and you should change the size of absorbancy to match the flow throughout your period. I am surprised your dr mentioned using them in pregnancy, in the uk it is definitely advised against due to risk of infection. I expect this is why your dr advised you to change them regularly.


sophandbob - July 1

you can get more info from www.tampax.com, and www.babycenter.com also explores the use of tampons to stop bleeding in pregnancy. BTW, tampons should also not be used unitl 6 weeks after the birth of a baby either.


Jamie-Lee - July 1

I heard that you aren't supposed to wear them until your flow is heavier.It's best to just wear a pad until it gets heavier.Some of the fibers on the tampon can pull off and stay in your v____a if there isn't enough flow.


Grandpa Viv - July 1

Good exposure to s____n during ovulation followed by possible implantation spotting, fatigue, nauseous feelings, unusual b___b changes, low backache, tugging feeling cramps all add up to likely pregnancy. You could take a test tomorrow morning first pee, or wait a week if you want to delay knowing and be more sure of the results. How about other signs like lotion discharge, more peeing, unusually upset gut, runny nose, emotional, dizzy feelings, changes to smells, appet_te and tastes? Good luck!


MaMa 2 B - July 3

ya ur really not sposed to wear tampons during pregnancy....when i was spotting during my first couple weeks i was told to wear a pad or pantyliner depending on how bad it was


Emma2 - July 4

Sophandbob is right about the tampons. You should not wear tampons at the dries stages of your flow meaning begining and ending. When your dry you increase the chances of TSS. And in pregnancy thats a no brainer!



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