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alana - October 11

hey i got my period almost a weekand ahalf ago, im discharging white stuff its not bugger like yet (sorry kinda gross) but im going to be having s_x tomro. i am gunna use a condom too. but im askin is that am i really fertial or not yet? Cuz i wanna be safe and double up on protection. thanksXX


Yes - October 12

You are coming up to your most fertile time, so make sure you do double up! Do it all the time anyway then you are reducing your risks.


Viv - October 12

Yes, if the condom breaks you will be in trouble. Sperm can last inside you from now until you ovulate. If you want to be doubled up, use foam or an insert as well as the condom.


alana - October 12

thanks alot guys i will be sure to double up!


Katie - October 13

two condoms are more dangerous. the second one will slip off


alana - October 14

yeah, i had s_x and i didnt use protection, we didnt have anything on us, so he pulled out witch i dont think he plled out fast enough, i got done with my pweiod on the 5th, oct, and i had s_x yesterday(13) i am ovulating also becuz it have white discharge i no i am ovulating, can i tell when i have implation bleeding? will it happen a week later or what??


Viv - October 14

Double up on protection does not mean using two condoms. It means using foam+condom or at least condom and away from fertile window. Alana, start counting days at the beginning of your period, not at the end. If you had a seven day period, then you had s_x on Day15, which might just have been past ovulation. At least you need to hope so. Implantation and symptoms begin about a week after ovulation/conception. Please beg, borrow or steal enough money to get both condoms and foam and start using them, else quit having s_x. Pulling out is not a method of contraception.


To Alana - October 14

You are a tool, no seriously, you are.. what type of stupid idiot post up that she is going to use protection because she has planned to have s_x, and wants to know her fertile time... and then b__ws it by not using any protection... how dumb are you?? Seriously, i think you need help.. there might be a few screws loose in your brain.



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