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Asylum - October 13

I was due to ovulate between the 14th and the 19th of September, and I know that I did, I felt it as always. I can't remember if we had s_x between those days, my fiance and I often engage in s_x on a regular basis and I just don't remember. We did have unprotected s_x, complete ignorance,I know, please save me the guilt trip. If I were pregnant from all the sites I've looked at I'd be about 5-6 weeks in. I've had heartburn, frequent urination ,nausea, extra fatigue, lower back ache, mild cramping, and NO PERIOD! I believe I didn't leave anything out on the symptoms list...,anyways, I have taken a test since my period was due but it was negative. I don't know if this could still be pregnancy, on one site I read a woman could not test positive on a home test until three months into her pregnancy, which seems really odd to me but it may be possible I suppose. Can anyone give me advice on if they believe I may be pregnant, if I am this would be my first child so I'm not experience with all the ins and outs or pregnancy. Thank You.


Asylum - October 13

I did forget a couple of symptoms, my b___sts are getting increasingly sore as time goes on and I'm getting sudden mild headaches absolutely out of nowhere. I feel bloated but my fiance and even close friends disagree with me though I can both feel it and see it in some of my clothing.


Ky_la_02 - October 13

It certainly sounds like you're pregnant. The best thing to do is make an appointment with your doctor and get a pregnancy test through blood tests. Don't Wait, the first few months are the most important for the baby to develop. Good Luck, and keep us posted! ~*~Kylie~*~


tish212 - October 13

the hpt can tell after ur first missed period...I've never heard that 3 month thing...u may be pregnant but also if u r hoping for pregnancy ur body can lead u to believe u r pregnant when u aren't (not trying to rain on ur parade) if u get ur hopes up and focus on pregnancy u can actually experience several pregnancy symptoms even to the point of pushing back ur period... I would say test again...if still negative visit ur doc to find out if there may be a problem...



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