Underactive Thyroid

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PreciousBaby19 - September 25

Hi i just got the results back form my blood tests. I'm ttc which most of you may know. I was told that i have an underactive thyroid test when my blood tests were taken to find out why i have irratic periods. I read some things that say this may be the cause of my miscarriages and problems getting pregnant...like this information......................................... Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism are among the many different causes of infertility by preventing ovulation, or the release of an egg. Despite the absence of ovulation, menses may appear normally, so infertility may be the only symptom of an underlying thyroid problem. If you are hypothyroid, you may not ovulate, and it may be difficult for you to become pregnant. Hypothyroidism has also been associated with an increased risk of having cysts forming on the ovaries, or polycystic ovaries, which is also associated with decreased fertility. In women with severe hypothyroidism, the level of a pituitary hormone called prolactin may also be increased, causing milk production (galactorrhea) unrelated to pregnancy and childbirth. The high prolactin level may prevent normal ovulation, causing decreased fertility, sometimes with irregular or absent menses. In addition, some researchers believe that women with untreated hypothyroidism who do conceive are at increased risk for their children to be born with physical abnormalities as well as mental retardation. Spontaneous abortion and fetal death are two other potentially serious complications of untreated hypothyroidism. Diagnosing your hypothyroidism and treating you with thyroid hormone medication will cure you of your thyroid disease. Taking thyroid hormone medication, however, will only improve fertility if you or your husband are suffering from an underactive thyroid gland...........................the problem is i'm wondering if this problem is what caused my miscarriages and if this is whats preventing me from getting pregnant. being ttc for so long.


PreciousBaby19 - September 25

i also found this information........Hypothyroidism (Under-Active Thyroid): hypothyroidism is also often hereditary. Its symptoms include tiredness, lack of concentration, muscle aches, constipation, weight gain, very long menstrual cycles and heavy periods. In some people the thyroid gland (which is in the throat in front of the windpipe) may be enlarged. Treatment will be life-long and often takes the form of thyroxine tablets, with a likely increased dose during pregnancy. One Getting Pregnant visitor was told by her specialist that after beginning this medication, many of his clients conceived very quickly.


jennifer_33106 - September 25

WOW!! I am sorry mama but there is some good news to this!!! YOU know that this is the problem!! Is it anything like PCOS? Cuz I know with that they put you on Metformin and clomid!!! This may sound bad to some but I am really glad that you found this out. Now you can do something about it.


PreciousBaby19 - September 25

no its not as bad as pcos...try looking up underactive thyroid on google...but mostly the information i just gave is it...its not a huge deal..but...its still something that could have been the cause.


jennifer_33106 - September 26

and as soon as you find out for sure then i bet you concieve like the wind!!! haha


Ashley86 - September 27

Hey I just wanna let you know that I was born without a thyroid. I take a medication called Synthroid which replaces the thyroid produced hormone. There is also a generic called levoxyl. A primary physician can recommend this and I would recommend an endocrinologist! I am 31 weeks pregnant with a completely normal and healthy pregnancy so far! So there is DEFINITELY hope! I never needed treatment or anything of that sort...just had to get normal levels going on...which is no problem when you are on the meds. I have a couple of friends who have miscarried because of this also but I promise it is possible and you can have a healthy pregnancy! I am living proof! If someone who was born completely without a thyroid is having a baby it's possible! Baby dust!!!!!!!



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