Unknown Baby And Drugs

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kristyn (kris) - July 19

well i have been doing grugs scence i was 13 but anyway i am now 15 and i might be pregnate i didn't think that i was until a week ago. the last time i had s_x was a month and a week ago. i was doing drugs after i had s_x and all that month, is my baby going to be hurt by them even though i didn't know, or is it to early for IT to be effected?


kay - July 4

well, it is a good chance that the baby will be affected. but, it might not be. the baby could be retarded or have some attention problems or some other things too. if you drink too, then there's a chance that the baby will have a weird eye thing. it's like the baby has japanese eyes, but its the opposite way. anyway, you'll see when the baby is born if it has it. are you going to stop doing drugs now that you know? it might be pretty hard to stop.


kristyn - July 5

once i found out that i might be pregnate i stopped, but last night a want to a party and had a little, it was a huge 4th of july party, it was like a skool reuion for every one 13-30, i know that doens't excuse what i did but things happed u know, i was not at all responsibil, i feel so terrable about it i promise i am going to stop, i told myself that last night.


b___bear - July 5

If your not going to stop or feel like you can't stop. (U are really young and partying is fun at your age.) Maybe u should get a abortion. Im not encouraging you, but its one of your options. What kind of drugs were you doing?


jeni - July 12

the best thing to do is to stop doing drugs until you find out for sure. and if your not, and plan on doing drugs, stop having s_x you dont want to take the chance of your baby comming out messed up because of a bad decission you made. good luck


Lisa - July 19

Drugs can be very harmful for your baby. Alcohol can cause something called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is a very serious disorder that can cause your baby lots of problems in their life. Talk to someone that you trust and get some information on the drugs you have been doing and what they can do, then figure out what you can do stop with the help of a counsellor.



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