Unprotected Sex Just Before Period

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maxwellSmart - September 11

i had unprotected s_x with my girlfriend. last time we did this i bought her 'the day after' pill but it was expensive and i wasn't sure whether or not to this time. she claims her next period is expected in 2-3 days. does that mean shes ovulating or something? im not sure. more importantly, is there any more or less chance of her becoming pregnant at this stage? what are the chances anyhow? im 17 and i think im way too young to be a father, i still have 48 hours to use 'the day after' pill, what should i do? i dont particulary want her to go through an abortion because ive heard its not pleasant, plus emotional side of things. Answers quick please!!


Viv - September 7

You sure are into expensive forms of birth control. Don't those PLAN B things cost $30 or more? Anyway, they only advertise as being 75% effective and giving a woman a hormone jolt like that is not good for her system. I have read that the sooner you take them, the higher the effectiveness. BTW, ovulation takes place about 14 days before her period. In the present instance the chance of being in her fertile window a few days before her period is slim, maybe 10% depending on how regular she normally is. Also the chance of getting pregnant in one month of trying at your age is about 1 in 4. Are you a gambler? The odds are about 1 in 40. Seriously, it seems as though the two of you are in denial about the fact that you are becoming s_xually active. Sit down together and talk this thing through. To be safe you need to be using a condom and she needs to be on the pill, or something like it, every time.


brucen - September 7

If you really think you are too young to be a father, and she thinks she's too young to be a mother: BUY THE PILL. Compare the cost of the pill to the cost of diapers and formula.


Billie - September 7

Come on, if you really don't want to be a dad STOP HAVING UNPROTECTED s_x! Same goes if you don't want to keep buying the morning after pill. In the uk they are actually sold in some vending machines in public.uni toilets! Don't wait get the morning after pill now and while you are there stock up on condoms so you won't have any excuses!


Maxwell Smart - September 11

thanks for your advice and support. I got the morning after pill after all, i figured it wasn't worth the risk. and i took your advice Billie, i stocked up on condoms so hopefully I don't end up in the same situation again. Also she is going to the doctor to consider the pill... which leads me to my next question - i know that being on the pill (like any contraceptive) is not 100% effective. but just how affective is it? safe enough to have s_x without a condom?


Viv - September 11

Here's a good link ... http://www.advocatesforyouth.org/youth/health/contraceptives/pill.htm ... It sounds as though you really want to be safe, so for your peace of mind use a condom too. It doesn't have to interrupt foreplay. Make putting the condom on a part of it. If you let her decide when to put it on you (and how!), she can use it as a signal that she is ready and waiting.


Maxwell Smart - September 13

Thanks. I just consider myself way too young to be a father thats all :) Again, thanks for your help


ughh - September 13

so why have s_x unprotected if you are too young to be a father! i'm not trying to lecture at all but just think about it first....just be sure to use a condom :)



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