Unsure And Confused Can You Help Me Please

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Worried - September 25

Hi everyone. My boyfriend and I had s_x for the first time in the middle of June (but the withdrawl method was used) - and in July when I was meant to get my period on the 9th, it came a few days late and it started on the 13th, but it seemed a little light than usual. I thought everything was fine considering that I still got my period even if it was a few days late. Then on the 30th of July we had s_x again (with a condom). Next month - in August - when I was waiting for my monthly period on the 13th, it didn't come till the 22nd of that month, so I was 9 days late. But when I got my period on the 22nd, it seemed normal and heavy and it went on for another 6-7 days. And now that its September, my period came on the 20th. I have no signs of being pregnant since June except for going to the toilet more often than usual, and my boyfriend said he was 90% sure that I was pregnant and I was so stressed and worried that I couldn't sleep at all!! But I took a pregnancy test when I found out I was late, and it came out negative. But my periods seem normal now... Maybe I'm pregnant and I just don't know that I am? But after taking that test, I was positive that I wasn't pregnant. Am I?


Jade - September 25

You should probably go to a doctor to be sure that ur not pregnant. But your body is probably just going through some changes and adjusting to those changes, Almost every girl's period comes late or changes at least once, so don't worry. if it's normal now, your probably just fine. Always use protection and take care of your self.


:) - September 25

well when you first start having s_x your period sometimes gets irregular (mine did) and it may take a couple of months to iron back out. and since it was 3 months ago then you should have stopped getting a period if you were pregnant. some women bleed all through their pregnancys but it is not normal, and hpt's are usually pretty accurate. if you are still worried about it then take another test or go to the doctors and get a blood test done. they are accurate. goodluck and dont stress about it because you are probably not. and always use a condom until you are in a long term comitted relationship because you dont want to get a std or a unwanted pregnancy.


Worried - September 26

Thankyou Jade & :) for your help. It probably is irregular because I feel fine and I have no symtoms of being pregnant at all. But I really appreciate your advice, Thankyou!! Anyone else with comments?


amy - September 27

you should go to the doctor to check but if u have a neg test you should be fine. i had some weird symptoms one time and i felt pregnant but i turned out just to be weird hormones. good luck and i hope this helps?


Stephanie - September 27

Hey girl... if your boyfriend is so insecure w/ himself that even he says that he's 90% sure that your pregnant then he's not the guy to be with. Because is ha can't be 100% sure that your NOT then he's not worth it!



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