Unsure Of Names

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Lil_Mamma - May 19

Hey Everyone!! I am 19, My baby will be 3 months old when I turn 20 :) I am 23 Weeks Pregnant - And we know its a Boy.. I have no idea what to name the little guy! My Husband loves the name Atticus Ocean..... What does everyone think? My Familly Absolutley Hates that name... But My hubby is really stoked about this one... Any Advice? Thnx!


Emma2 - May 19

Honestly, Really Honestly......ouch ! SOrry :(


Lil_Mamma - May 19

.. Is that a Ouch... You dont like it? Or an ouch.... That sucks about my Family?


autumn85 - May 19

i have to agree...i am not too fond of it either esp. the ocean part


angie m - May 19

I don't really like the name but that is just my opinion. What do you think about the name? You didn't say, and I was just wondering if you agree with your hubby or your family.


midnight_drift - May 19

Personally, I don't like the name exactly, but I am more traditional I guess you could say. The first name isn't so bad, but ocean... is sort of odd. When I picked out the names, I thought, "Okay, what name is going to get my kid picked on at school?" That is why I didn't go with Talena or Bella if it was a girl, or Xane if it was a boy. Now I stuck to Kaitlyn for a girl, Alexander for a boy. I wanted to name him Xane, Anthony, Mason, or Alexander, but me and my fiance love it alexander. Good luck with your names.


Lil_Mamma - May 19

Well, I like the Name ocean... I was thinking something that Ment ocean like the name Kai (pronounced Kye) and it means the Sea In hawaiian... Or theres Roka - Which means Crest of a wave in Japanese.... I just want something different... I cant seem to find a name that I like that is a "normal" name... Atticus wasnt one of my favorites tho... I dont wana break my Hunnies heart tho :P


corinne - May 19

I think you should choose a different name and if you did do ocean it sounds kinda like a hippy. But if you were to go with kai that would be cool because its a unique name thats nice and it would be a win win situation. My bf wanted to name my dd daisy rain which I immediatly threw out the door. Tell him you want a different first name and pick one of your unique ones that has a nicer tone than ocean. I had a friend named kai and he never got made fun of just so you know.


Lil_Mamma - May 19

Thank you guys so much for your Honest Opinions!! Most of the people I talk to at work just humor me and say Oh yeah I love it!!! Its nice to hear some feedback that is honest:) I still have 3 months left to chose a name:)


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 19

I am having a little girl and we are naming her Kylie Madison Brooke because me and the hubby each picked a middle name and we picked the first name together. If we would have been having a boy it would have been Zander Gage.



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