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Jamie-Lee - May 3

Well I went to see Doctor Brodie May 1st.He said everything is wonderful.I can br___tfeed,I shouldn't have any problem giving va___al birth and the stuff coming out of my nipples is normal.He listened to the heartbeat.He said not to take his word for it but he thinks I'm having a girl by the fastness of the heartbeat.I noticed it was rather fast the first time I heard it.I was sick this morning.Haven't had that happen in a long time.I missed work yesterday because I felt like c__p.I'm feeling better now.Rob says that he still hasn't changed his mind about having kids but he's coming around.We wish that things could have happend later when we were more ready but god has different plans for us.I'm not 17 weeks pregnant,I'm only 13 so I'm not as far along as I thought I was.Doctor Brodie says the baby should be well into my abdomen by next month so I should be showing a little bit by then.


Shauna - May 3

I didn't see your first post but congrats on the baby. How teen are you? lol. It sounds like you have a very nice dr. lots of luck


Jamie-Lee - May 4

I'm 19.I'll be 20 when the baby's born so I'm not all that young but I'm still cla__sified as young to what society thinks anyway.Yeah Dr.Brodie is very nice,he deliverd me!I was very lucky to be able to see him because I think he's retiering this year.


Emma2 - May 4

Jamie-Lee , i have heard of the faster the heart beat the chances are its a boy but you say the opposite .....im wondering which one is it now? anyone?


Jamie-Lee - May 4

Slow heartbeat-boy,fast heartbeat-girl.It may or may not be true because when my Mom was pregnant with me my heartbeat was slow,she was carrying low and the whole bit but I turned out to be a girl.Everyone is different though,the only way I can really know is when the baby's born..I hope I don't have to wait that long but I will if I have to.


Emma2 - May 4

Jamie-Lee, you don't want to know at around 20 weeks what you'll be having?


Rachel0510 - May 4

I also heard that a slower heartbeat is usually a boy. I'm a twin and my heartbeat was slower than my sister's and they thought that I was going to be a boy, but my mom had 2 identical girls! So I guess you never know til it's born. Good luck.


linzee - May 4

jamie-lee, im 19 too and i'll be 20 when the baby is born. im marrying the father in 3 weeks and we are finacially stable, so we are ready, even if we are "young" by societys standards. i'm 12w2d!


Jamie-Lee - May 9

I'd like to know what I'm having but Dr.Brodie told me that they aren't supposed to tell me.To Rachel-You should have seen my Mom when she was told I was a girl after she had me,I guess it was pretty funny.To Linzee-Good luck,I'm glad to hear that things are going good.When is your birthday?Mine is September 24th.


Jamie-Lee - May 16

I haven't been sick for a while,a bit gaggy sometimes but not actually sick.Rob and I have been having good times lately..more laughing,play fighting and such.When I lay down now my the lower part of my stomache is really hard and showing a bit.My Mom can't wait for me to have the baby.She got my stroller for me the other day.I love it!!It was about $150 new but the girl who sold it to Mom only wanted $50 for it.She only used it a few times.


Ddvinson3 - May 16

Jamie Lee I'm due 2 days before your birthday! LOL


Jamie-Lee - May 18

hehe that's so cool.I figure I will be 40 weeks on November 6th...November 5th is my best friend's birthday.Let me know how things go.


Jamie-Lee - May 26

My ultrasound I had yesterday said I'm 19 weeks as of today so I was a bit off.www.jambam1.piczo.com will give you more info.I update that every so often.


starblue332 - May 31

Just wanted to say that everything that I read online says that fast heartbeat means boy and a slow one means boy...but it is an old wives tale http://www.humed.com/humc_ency/pregnancy/000184.htm BUt I have seen it both ways so I don't know which is true!


Emma2 - May 31

Jamie- Lee I am sorry but it is not YOUR right to know? YEs! Your dr. has no right to tell you that. I just dont get what this dr. is doing


mickey87 - May 31

sum doctors wont tell u because there is a chance they could be wrong and if u go and buy all boy stuff becuz ur doc told u your having a boy and then u have a gurl who are you gonna yell at?:Pprobably the person who told you ur probably havin a boy:P


Emma2 - May 31

mickey87, is this a proven theory as to why some dr. wont tell ? I really do not think that is the reason. Honestly, everyone knows that there is a chance of error with and US so its not like the dr will be sued or anything. This is not the case here it seems to be more a of a moral issue.



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