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AmericanReject - January 21

well to everyone who read my last post...things are going a little better....immagration did send me home and i'm kinda glad they did..i went and visited my family in michigan for about 4 days....and i saw my mom and aunts and uncles....my grandparents too....things are going okiay and i've got the window of converstaion back open....my mom is happy because i'm doing homeschooling now and i'm working on saving up for college in the summer....right now i'm currently in illinois because i'm renuing my visa to go back and get married to my love of my life.....and im glad i did wait to havea baby....my visa should take about 2 or 3 weeks...and while i'm in chicago i'm gion gto visit ayame..my totaly best friend...who also is on this website....and when i go back. i'm allowed to get a job and since he has a job now...were going ot start looking for our place to live...or we may stay with his parennts...and save up the money for my college...because his is free....and then when i get back were going to try for a baby...things are starting to look up for me...andi 'm glad i listened to what you all had to say on this site...i'm acctually thinking that i may be pregnant now..i did have my period but it was two weeks late...and it was really weird...plus i've been having a bit of signs so i'm going to take a test in a couple of days...and if i'm not then its fine because were going to try when i get back...so i jsut wanted to say that i'm going ot be on this site a bit more...and just wanted to say hi yall...i'm back ..lol


babyonboard16 - January 21

wow i remember reading the one where everything was going on. I did homeschooling for a while how is it going for you?


AmericanReject - January 21

its going good..i'm doing it for myself more than anything because in scotland yu dont need high school diploma in order to go to college...so its more for me than anything else...anyway...i'm doing good...just waiting to see if i'm pregannt or waiting until i get back to start trying again...lol...were excited...alreayd have names picked out


andrewdeese - January 21

Thanks man


AyameLovesXion - January 21

I can't wait to see you =)


SaraH - January 22

Glad things are looking up for you. Good luck.



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