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ashley_1991 - December 2

So i have been in and out of the hospital the last 2 days, i went in Tuesday cuz of the cramping, they told me im in early labor, and that i have a really bad infection, and that is why my contractions are SOO strong. So im in the early stages of labor but the infection was making me think it was worse than it was. Well when i got there the babys heart rate was in the 200's and so was mine so they where really worried and so was i, i wasnt allowed to eat, drink or move pretty much, and cuz they wouldnt let me drink they ended up making me deydrated so I got the IV and then they told me after having the IV on for a few hours i could go home, they gave me a prescription for the infection, the dr called today to tell me what the infection is and its something to do with my body trying to reject the baby (make me go into labor) but my cervix ect.. isnt ready so if the pills they gave me dont help( ihave to take them for 5 days) then they will do a c section cuz they are worried about the baby


RylansMommy - December 2

Holly Cow. Hang in there girlie. I had a rough time too at the end of my pregnancy, but you forget all about it when you hear then cry for the first time...its beautiful! I also ended up having a c-section. If you want you can e-mail me at cowgrl-up at hotmail dot com


amanda17 - December 2

That sucks. When is the c-section scheduled?


ashley_1991 - December 2

I go back in friday to see if anything changed then they will schedule it,


ashley_1991 - December 2

rylansmommy- Thank you, stuff like that is so scary, but i have alot of support so thats a good thing :)


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 3

Good luck ashley. :(


durante baby - December 3

wow ash, i am sorry you must be stressing out! I am sure everything will be perfectly fine! you will have your lo in your arms in no time! gl : )


ashley_1991 - December 3

thanks tess and DB I have been feeling MUCH better, i have only been on the medication for the infection for 2 days but they said it was soo bad that i wouldnt notcie a chnage instantly. I can actually move now, so it's nice i have missed having Dominik home lol. im hoping everything will look okay when i go back in and they run all the tests again =)


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - December 4

Did they give you that Keflex stuff? I took keflex.. it made me feel a LOT better.



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