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AddyAndVictoriasMommy - March 6

So, I love being mommy. My girls are great. Addy is so smart! Says her ABC's and is being potty trained. Victoria was 12 lbs and LONG at her 2 mo check up. My girls are great. I am going back to school next semester( I hope ). I might be joining the Air Force! I don't know exactly if I will be able to just yet, but I may in June. Still thinking. Anyway, V is still exclusively BF'd and I love it! Well that's enough for now, tell me your updates!


PreciousBaby19 - March 6

aww tess, its good to hear updates from you. =) even though i get some updates lol via email. addy is going to be a brain just like her mommy and daddy =) and i bet you tori will be tall just like her daddy!!1 i'm so glad your enjoying BF. Most people stop cause they find it uncomy....and i just cant help but roll my eys. ha. if you go back to school. what will you be doing?


angelmonkey - March 6

aww thats gos to hear! i also love b___stfeeding!i havn't found it uncomfortable at all! im glad your enjoying it too! Heidi will be 4 weeks on sunday! jeesh it goes so fast! she,s such a cutie! i love being a mummy! we are still trying to figure if her smiles are real or still wind atm lol, she stares at everything! and has started talking to herself, she lifts her head up and looks around for ages and has done pretty much since week 1 lol! she weighed 8lbs 14oz on wednesday so has gained 1lb in 3 weeks and 3 days which is good for a b___stfed baby on average she gains about 5-6oz a week!glad your enjoying it!


amanda17 - March 6

Aww that's so good to hear Tess! Holy cow Addy is smart! I know 5 year olds who don't know their ABC's! Well... I also know 5 year olds who aren't potty trained but I won't get into that haha. I don't have much of an update. Ellie is 9 months, very healthy, happy. Taking one or two steps at a time, crawling everywhere....yep.


newbaby2009 - March 6

Its good to hear from you finally! Im glad everything is going well for you. Sounds like you have two wonderful girls! My update...Mylie is 2 weks tomorrow. Doing good for the most part. Last night was rough but she did good all week so 1 bad night out of 5 isnt too bad. She has a check up tomorrow. Hoping shes back up to her birth weight. She lost due to her acid reflux and she doesnt eat very well. Shes only taking an ounce every 3 hours or so and even then it takes her 45 mins to eat. They checked for short tongue, weak suck, etc. but everything looked fine. So we dont know what her problem is right now. She prefers to sit in her vibrating seat and just look around. She usually awake from 930 am until 130 or so and loves to just look around. She holds her head up very well but isnt a big fan of tummy time. Still has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes but im thinking her eyes will turn green. Rylie is acting out sooo bad. Its like she thinks if shes bad enough we'll return the baby. Shes 20 months and was basically potty trained but has stopped using the potty now. She doing everything she knows shes not supposed to do and is so defiant whule doing it. She'll look right out you while doing it like shes daring you to do something about it. Her pedi compares her development level to that of a 3 1/2 year old and shes not even 2. She talks like you would not believe. We can hold an actual converstion with her and she understands everything you say. Its amazing.


PreciousBaby19 - March 6

lets see an update you wont know yet? hmmm. lets see. Five minutes ago i opened a letter and. ITS THROUGH! we are getting our COUNCIL HOUSE. i know i told you all about it. I'm soooo happy!!!!!!! everything is going so great. now if only i got that BFP


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - March 6

Hey PB, thanks lol. I was uncomfortable at first because improper latch but it got MUCH better. I am so glad you got the house!!!! Angel- That's great! It feels like yesterday you were JUST pregnant. I'm really glad BFing was easy for you. V started real smiles by week 6 so...!! I hope to see some pics of her smiling soon. Amand- So cute. Your daughter is just too adorable. I'm glad she's starting to take steps! You'll have a terror on your hands soon lol. NB- She sounds so pretty. At least it isn't too bad, I wish V was on a schedule. Rylie is probably jealous, Addy was bad at first too. She'll get over that I'm sure! On a darker note, thiis week has been rough. The 25th was the anniversary of my sisters death and the 3rd was her b-day. Been tough.


amanda17 - March 6

It's been a year already? I remember when you first told the forum about it. She'll be in my prayers, hun. I hope you're okay.


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - March 7

Thanks Amanda, yeah, it's already been a year. It's almost hard to believe. Oh well. In any case, I have a cute baby sucking on my arm. No joke. She was relaxing all cute being quiet, but she decided to lean over and suck on my arm! So I think I'll go spend some time with her :-)


angelmonkey - March 7

its so good to hear that everyone is doing great, pb thats good about your council house! people can be waiting for years for a council house! so have they housed you yet? i know that the whole system of getting housed has changed now they put people in bands now and you have to bid for a house and the people who have been on the list the longest on the highest band get the house! it sounds better than the point system! how did you get a house so soon lol! even homeless people are thoses lists for ages lol! there pretty rubbish down here......good luck


PreciousBaby19 - March 7

well in scotland they are still using the point system. We have a LOT of points because my husband is a medical priority and cant work. =) no we havent been housed yet. We have to call up on monday or tuesday to check our options. but we were on the list for a year and we have medical prority. thats seriously sad. we got a lot of different points for tons of stuff. so yeah. its not easy. thats for sure. i think we signed up three years ago when i came over from america. Aww tess! i know its been so hard for you and i'm sure that its going to be hard. Maybe celebrate her birthday? It might make you feel better and have the girls draw her a birthday care and put it on her grave. If your upset and i'm not online. Just send me an email and i'll try my best to help you feel better. We are all for you.


angelmonkey - March 8

aww thats good, yea that also how we got our hpuse as at the time tonie was medically not able to work i think we had 220 points and got housed in about 7months so that was really good, although we only got housed quicker as we said we,d move out of town if need be so that there was more of a variety. we,re not actually with the council we are with a housing a__sotioation (they work through the council) they pick people of the council list. good luck with your move


PreciousBaby19 - March 8

yeah, a housing a__sociation are good too. we did some with hillcrest housing but they took us off the list for a styupid reason and we have more points with the council anyway. Im gonna call them up tomorrow and see what they can do for us. where we are is great. Love the flat. but its soo expensive its not funnyanymore. =) its just good to know that after a long time we are sooo close to getting a house. =) with right to buy and everything.


angelmonkey - March 8

yea thats the only thing with a__sotioations you dont have the right to buy? we are with jephson housing and i so perfer them to the council i mean we lived in a 1 bedroom flat and i told them i was pregnant at around 3 months well they offered us a 2 bed house at 6months and we were moved in at 7months! with the council they dont even think about moving you to a bigger place until your child is born and even then you dont usually get moved until your child is about 2 lol.........did your points change with an a__siation? ours didnt we just ticked a box saying open to a__sotioations at the bottom of form and then they rang us a few months later.......i think they scroll down the council list and pick of the people with the highest points so if your lucky you get one of them.........i think they buy houses and then rent them out to people like us so we are actually in a really posh area which is good lol



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