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PreciousBaby19 - April 10

Just to let everyone know. I wont be online much recently. we've been so busy. The last three or four days we've been buying appliances. sofas, tables, carpets, paint, we washed all the walls because they were filthy, we bleached the mold off, we sanded, steam cleaned the shower and toliet and all the plugs. Cleaned the floors and tonight we put the first coat of white paint on the nasty tanish yellow walls that came with it. Bleh...So...we have two weeks to make this place livable. A week to move in, and a week to clean out the old flat before we return the keys....sooo. It bites, its sooo difficult and we are soo busy, because we have been working from 8 am to 11 30 pm. His parents are on holiday until monday so when they go back to work we can only work from like 6 pm to 11 30 pm so we will get tons less to do. so so soooo busy. On the health side, i'm still waiting for my test my ultrasound. I will be seeign the doctor on tuesday (this one coming) to fill ehr in because she's been on holiday. I was in the hospital for a bit, and am on tons of pain medication. I did i think have a period...i dunno. The pain was awful and i bleed heavy for one day, spotted brown for 4 days afterwards. So, i have no idea, but i'm almost certain its endometriosis. I'm not upset though. =) iin a way i'm glad, because i dont think i could deal with moving and a new babe, so we'll wait for the tests and see whats going on. I'm seeing a gynocologist soon, and then once we get some answers we'll start up again, so we're going to still not use anythin, but not try and not test. So theres my update. =) Oh and some things about the house. Its over HALF of what we were paying now. TWICE as BIG as the one we are in now. and an extra bedroom, plus we can decorate however we want, everything is ours and we dont have to worry about the cats and the carpet!"!!!! hehehe. so. we are so busy and soooooo tirrreeeed!!!


amanda17 - April 15

Good luck with the move and your ultrasound.



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